Terrestrial Voyager

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by gippolot, Jan 28, 2007.

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    There was nothing technically wrong at all with the model or instructions. the issue I suggested was a mechanical one. As I print my models on expensive cardstock, the current model/instruction layout would force me to print all 102 pages on cardstock, and all the instructions print would end up in the waste pile.
    I had suggested that a separate "parts only" pdf be created, that would probably be in the order of <50 pages, thus making my waste pile much smaller. I'm perfectly happy with the 102 page instruction booklet, as I rarely print the instructions, but for the sake of those that do print the instructions, it was natural to also point out that a "instructions only" pdf that the user could print on cheap paper and not cardstock might also be environmentally thoughtful.
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    this is an absolutely stunning model. I totally see where jleslie is coming from as I never print the directions either, I just refer back to them in the computer. I just downloaded this and noticed that it was separated into both directions and parts. Great job all the way along. :thumb:
  3. gippolot

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    Sorry for the confusion, I meant that one day I may clean up the website, (with a bit of information and a few helpful photos, specifically). :mrgreen:

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    I am from the North American States area, and by many peoples standards we do not speak English. Pray tell, what is "chuffed". When you are chuffed are you angry and best left alone or are you pleased as punch.

    Your model by the way is kind of groovy, really heavy.
  5. palmer

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    Great work Gippo!
    I'm so happy you completed this model and made it downloadable!
    I just tell you that I signed in this forum hit by this thread, I follow it from page 7 or 8!
  6. gippolot

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    "pleased as punch" is very good, and very close to what I meant! I guess "chuffed", is probably an old English term.

    The town, Bundaberg, were I grew up commonly used a few Aboriginal, or indigenous Australian, words in our vocabulary. If I used them now, no-one would know what I was saying. But every now, I think to myself, stuff it, I'll say what I feel.

    I hope that is enlightening. :wave:

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    I love so much the aborigenal culture! One of my dreams is to come in Australia!
    Have you seen some of the first movies by Peter Weir? I like so much 'The last wave' and 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' it's my favourite movie ever, I've seen it at least 30 times!!!
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    Have the corrected files been made available for download yet? I want to keep Terrestrial Voyager in the build queue. :)
  9. gippolot

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    Yes Doug, the corrected files have been uploaded. I should have mentioned that.

    Palmer, 'Hanging Rock' is only 1&1/2 hours drive away. It is an interesting rocky formation amongst a now felled bushland, prior to an encroaching suburbia. But please, leave Peter Weir's direction, & Miranda, in your imagination. The film really does combine mystique with reality, and that's why I, and I'm guessing many others, find it so memorable.

  10. palmer

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    ''Now I know it!''
    ''What do you know, madamoiselle?''
    ''Miranda... That Miranda is a paint by Botticelli!''
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    Thanks, Gippo.:thumb: Terrestrial Voyager back in the queue. :)

    I downloaded the corrected files now they ask for a password in order to open them. Any chance of the password or unprotected files?
  12. sherban

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    Excellent hard work!
    The password is "voyager" as I read in one of Gippo's answers in this thread or the one similar.
  13. SCEtoAux

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    Thanks, I got it half right at first. :mrgreen:
  14. F131

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    What an excellent design! Reminds me of the ships in the the movie, Treasure Planet that my kids (& I) like.
  15. Gippo, I've been away from this board for too long and I just checked out your model page. I have to say the Terrestrial Voyager is hands down the coolest downloadable card model I have ever seen (I do not exaggerate!). It's was obviously a labor of love. Thanks for the effort. I can't wait to get started. -Wade
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    I rediscovered this model recently and WOW. It truly is beautiful. I need to get on this one soon. I'd love to see the expression on people's faces when they see it in my collection. This is magnificent.
    I too wonder what Mr. Matthews would say if he saw this model. I imagine he'd be pleased to see his work in 3D.
  17. Mauiman

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    Yeah. Concidering the fact that he only had one 2d image to go by. I would have to say that he has done the 2D picture more than true justice by bringing it out into 3D. I would not be amaized to see him create something that is not if as extravagent then Even more extravagent than the Terrestrial Voyager.
  18. F131

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    Sorry for the dumb question, but is there a link to download this ship?
  19. Elliott

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    Look on Page 13 of this thread. :)
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