Terminator future war

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  1. jacerc130

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    I tried to go alittle more elaborate with this one from my original one that had just one T-800. This time I added 4 T-800's and I used a T-700 to portray a terminator destroyed by the resistance that has been weather. I also custom made a hole in the chest, removed lower part of right arm and burn marks on legs, right arm, chest wound and face to give the battle damage feel. My skills are slowly improving so there should be more good work to post soon! Hope you enjoy.

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  2. clif52

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    Great job! Are you using 7 inch action figures of the Terminators or are they models?
  3. jacerc130

    jacerc130 New Member

    they are 7 inch Playmates figures.
  4. Retired_for_now

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    Nicely done! Intricate and artistic - I like it.

  5. mangler525

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