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    Lets take the Mikado as another example. The Great Northern had them as their "O" class, the Southern Pacific had them as their "Mk" class and the Rio Grande had them as their "K" class.
    All different classes but still Mikados.

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    :cool: TR there is a NYC set of video's by Heron that were filmed in the mid west in the late 1950's to the late 60's.One of them has a great segment of a CM&I 2-10-2 pulling a long train that they had to double over a grade.Its a 3 tape set.Some B&O,ERIE,and (UGH),Pennsylvania.Let me tell you when that 2-10-2 has that train back together it has it well in hand,and its going so fast the drive rods are a blur.The 2-10-2 are also known as Santa Fe's this was a USRA design and the Central had 10 of them just after WW1,plenty of pulling power;but no main line speed.These locomotives were sold to the GTW in 1927 and stayed in service well into the 1950's.:cool:
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    Thanks for all the replies to my question. Been away for a couple days so couldn't thank you sooner. Thanks for the video note DMB. I'll keep a look out for it at train shows.

    I've got a book on the C&IM that says they owned 28 of these between 1927 and 1955 when they retired all their steam engines. Bought 11 of ‘em in ’51 from ACL, I guess when ACL started going to diesel they were a good buy.

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    :cool: Dan,where can I find some Tech information on the GN O class locomotive that you posted that nice photo of.I would like to see how they compare to the NYC 2-8-2 H10.The Central had class H5 thru H10 the 10's being the most modern and by far the most powerful.The Mighty 2-8-4 Berkshire pushed the H10's off the hilly Boston to Albany portion of the main line;but did yeaoman service on lines west until the end of steam.(SOB) When the fire was put out on the last active H7 in 1957.
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    David, If you haven't already, take a look at my photo of an H10a in the photo section thread called "JGL takes delivery", on page two. Good to see another NYC fan here. That GN loco is nice, except for that Belpaire boiler. Reminds me of some other inferior road. Just kidding.
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    I tried very hard not to mention the (call a spade a spade Gary) the Pennsy look of that fire box.It was tough to run those big engines on Lignite.at least they didn't put a Wooten box on the poor thing.:cool: Drag freight 2 miles long at 10 miles per hour once a week,single track main line up hill both ways well that was the GN. If I'm mis-informed Dan will clear this up for us:cool:

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