Templar Tombstones

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    Elsewhere Paul has asked us if we are having fun!
    The construction of various buildings for my layout gives me a great deal of pleasure. Johnathan Catt Edwards and I created NARA and he and I decided to name our buildings after NARA members names. This is another one of those but each has it's own story!!!

    At a meeting Paul had with the lumberjacks, cooks , and locomotive engineers, firemen and maintenance workers, he praised them for their efforts to make the Badger Creek operation efficient and viable. All employees were anxious for the Badger Creek to be profitable as Paul had set up profit sharing with them all and they just loved it. They were always on the lookout for new and different ways to improve the BC. Located in British Columbia the BC has become known in some circles as the BCBC.
    The maintenance of way crew found they had tons of granite left from the various rock cuts and tunnels. Some was used in fill for low areas but there was a lot left over. They talked about this at the meeting and someone who knew that lumber from the BCBC was going to the Cater Casket company, suggested that maybe a tombstone opportunity existed. This idea grew into TEMPLAR TOMBSTONES
    This business was set up at Abercom in the old Mouse River Granite Co. building that had been vacant for a number of years. Abercom is served by the MAT railroad which has many interchanges with other railroads so granite from the BC is shipped to this location then enjoys a wide distribution of the finished monuments.
    This model is scratchbuilt out of cardboard toothpicks and stuff. It is N gauge and is based on the HO kit put out by Fine Scale Miniatures the kit was listed at $180 but my version cost me about 180 cents.
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    Is that canadian or american cents???:rolleyes:
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    I think you came up with a great idea there. The stuctures look good and the story behind it is fascinating. Good work (and fotos). Thanks for sharing.

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    I love it!! :cool:
    With the casket co., & now this one, your layout is developing a streak of the macabre!
    Maybe you could model this section as a night scene, with twisted trees, & lightning flashes... Got anybody named Bates, that could open up a cozy little motel? :D
    Thanks for sharing your excellent work for us to see!
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    Great story, great photo's and great modeling!:cool: And a good chuckle also. Thanks for sharing Robin.:)

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