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    This is a road crossing for an MTH easytrack Christmas tree train. I scratchbuilt the road and my buddy atreetz built the truck from a kit. The road needs another coat of finer mat'l to smooth it out and some weathering. We built this for a coworker as a gift. Thought you'd like to see.

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  2. alex_mrrkb

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    It looks COOL !!!!

    What did you use for that road ??

    Thanks !
  3. aartwmich

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    Hi Alex...I screwed the track to a piece of plywood then covered it with plastic wrap. I mixed up fine, medium and coarse ballast (1-2-1) with white glue and a little water sprayed on each addition of glue until the ballast appeared all covered (reminded me of making pie crust, a useful analogy here I know). Then I spread the mixture out and formed it with a butter knife. After it had sat overnight and was fairly hard on the edges and top, I removed the road and the plastic(the bottom of the road was still wet) and put the road back down on the wood with a weight on it to keep it from warping while it finished drying. If I did it again I would use all coarse for the base and add a finish coat of fine for the top layer for a smoother appearance. We may still try this as well as weathering it a bit.

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