Telman's Ren Hoek Tutorial

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    Bazookajo's Ren Hoek is a great build.
    This how I built my Ren.
    I used 67 lb cover stock paper,tried 110 lb card stock didn't like final product.
    Take your time,look at the pictures and have fun.


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  2. That's a great looking model and those are thoughtful build tips. I use 110 lb for most of my builds. What was it about the final product that you did not like when using the heavier weight?
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    I also use 110 lb on most all of my builds.Started this build with 110 lb. The 110 lb doesn't flow as nice on the curves. Telman
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    Ren Hoek Tutorial PDF

    Here are Ren Hoek Tutorial PDFs Telman

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  5. NSCXP2005

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    thanks telman, great tutorial
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    i'm have problem's with the shoulder pieces, they just don't line up. Is there anything special i need to know on how this part.

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