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    As part of the new diorama (Hutchinson KS) I'm creating for my cubicle at work (although, really, I was third-interviewed yesterday for a position at another company, so it may not end up at work), I finished installing the Telenetresearch plastic pellet facility this evening.

    Most of the facility is built as is, although some pieces were missing, and others broken, and the instructions were pitiful at best (not to mention the facility is about 10 inches longer than they said it would be on the box). So the beacon is new on the left silo, and I'm going to have flags on the right silo. The office is of course scratchbuilt, and I added the decals and signage myself (I'm hoping to add more signage on the road and in the parking area). Eventually there will be a road in front of the facility, and it will be somewhat hidden from view by a grain elevator and my fire station. I'm just waiting for the grain elevator to arrive to start building it.

    (( BTW, as some of you might remember, Telenetresearch is a company my dad created to do online surveys; it has more or less passed into a quiet death in real life, but lives on as my plastic pellet company; the three hoppers behind the facility are all custom decorated for the company ))

  2. Matthyro

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    It has sure turned out well Mike. An industry for any layout.
  3. Clerk

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    I agree with Robin. What is that green spider web doing up there?:D :thumb: :thumb: :D
  4. rockislandmike

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    Part of TNR's logo; it's usually accompanied by the word telenetresearch inside of it, but with the way the silos went, the spider web is on one silo, the word TELENETRESEARCH is spelled vertically on the next silo over.
  5. shamus

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    Looking good, telenetresearch wow, thats one hell of a name. I like the green web.
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    Another really nice model, Mike!
    :cool: :thumb: :thumb: :cool:
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    Very well modeled.:thumb:

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