Telecom antenna towers - Paper and wood

Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by edkeffel, Mar 4, 2007.

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  2. Clashster

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    Amazing! Great job and interesting subject! Thanks for the pics!

  3. edkeffel

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    A question to the members

    I was wondering how much could I earn if I was asked to build such tower for a costumer.

    It is 40 cm tall, and its base is 12 x 12 cm wide.

    It demanded some 30 hours of work.


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  4. edkeffel

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    More pics

    More photos

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  5. edkeffel

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    Outdoor photos

    I went outside with the completed tower and took some pictures:

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  7. edkeffel

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    And more


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  8. paper warrior

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    Josve must've told you where he gets his shrink-rays. :D
  9. edkeffel

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    Another picture

    the completed tower.

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  10. Amazyah

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    Very nice work, Ed!
    You did an excellent job capturing your subject!
    Admirable work!

  11. paper warrior

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  12. paulhbell

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    Amazing build.
  13. cgutzmer

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    super work!
  14. Art Decko

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    This ought to get someone's attention at that architectural scale building office!

    The attention to colors and finishes really contribute to making this model look so realistic. That outdoor shot was very convincing. Cool build!

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