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    160 g/m2 is the max. weight that the paper is tested to hold, in this case it can hold up tp 160grams per square meter.
    When given in English measurements, it is the pound per square inch.
    Different weights and areas but it is the same principle, a measurement of the papers density. The higher the number the thicker and stronger the paper is.[​IMG]

    The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked.[​IMG]
    That all depends on the local area in which you live.
    Do they use the metric or English system of measurement where you live?

  2. Toronto

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    wow, thanks for the fast respond, i never expect to have respond this quick

    Anyways, i live in vancouver.

    Any chance that there is a vancouver canucks fan in here (ice hockey team)
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    Apologies for correcting you but in the metric system of paper measurement 160 gsm means no more than the weight of a one square metre sheet of that paper.

    It is nearer to being an indication of the thickness of sheet than the American system but is not precise since paper densities can vary. It gives no indication of the relative strength of the sheet.

  4. Amazyah

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    I think if you hold 90g/m2 and 160g/m2 papers in your hand, you will find that the 160 feels thicker and stronger. I have yet to find it otherwise.

  5. Maurice

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    You are of course correct, and I have some 565 gsm paper that is even thicker.
    However it should have been obvious that I was not referring to such a wide disparity in weight and that I was trying to avoid other members of the forum being misled by the incorrect definition you had given.

    Gsm stands for grams per square metre and refers to the weight of a one square metre sheet of the relevant paper.


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