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  1. Toronto

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    hi, i am a newbie in paper model. I am trying to build the Star wars X-wing paper model. I want to know no matter how much i try, the body of the plane dont seems to be parallel at all, it will not be noticed until you really get a close look to it. But i really want it to look perfect! As for the engine, it gives me an even bigger problem because you need to put a piece of paper into the cillinda shape engine, but i always failed to put that paper to where it belongs, and it looks so out of place.

    And the other project that i was building is a starcraft siege tank. it is working well until i encountered a major problem. The glue i am using is changing the color of the tank, and the paper dont always get into the shape i want.
  2. paper warrior

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    That happens with my glue, just re-touch the edges and keep it on the glue tabs.
  3. cgutzmer

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    My two cents :)

    Get us a pic of the problem - that will help us a lot in determining what went wrong

    What xwing model are you making? I think there are a couple out there but i could be wrong. Link if possible....

    For the tank:
    What weight paper are you using? It sounds like there are a couple things going on here - It seems you might be using normal printer paper - its nearly too light for many models and the glue soacks through it pretty easily. That leads into my next question :) what kind of glue are you using? Is it changing the color by soaking through the paper from the back (using too much glue) or where it smears on the paper? (ues a toothpick or soemthing to spread it)

    For the shaping: How do you mean its not taking the shape? Are you scoring the parts that have to be folded and curving the curves before you try to glue it? You part should be the finished shape as close as possible before gluing it down :D

    Hope that helps!
  4. milenio3

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    - Edit - You beat me here, Chris.

    Yes, Toronto, a picture can help on determine your problems.
  5. Toronto

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    thanks for responding, i will get the pic up as soon as possible, thanks:)
  6. cgutzmer

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    And I even accidentally closed the window once after typing it up before submitting :p heh heh
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  8. Toronto

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    the first one is my X-wing paper model, i dont know whats going on, its not balanced!

    the second one is the starcraft siege tank, the glue has changed the color of the tank, and see the hole i made in the tank, i was forced to make the hole because i need to use a toothpick to pop them back up

  9. Clashster

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    Can you post some better pictures? It is hard to see what the problem is, in fact it is hard to see what they are at all!
  10. Toronto

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  11. Mark_1984

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    I'm going to hazard a guess that you're using ordinary copy paper. It's really too thin for card models. Try getting some card that is a little heavier, say 160 g/m2. It feels like thick paper, or thin card (whichever you prefer ;))
    This will give you a stronger model that is easier to get straight. Being thicker, the glue is less likely to soak through the paper. That is probably what is discolouring the printing. I use white glue, and tend to be quite mean with it - you only need a thin smear to make a good join.

    Hope that helps
  12. Bowdenja

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    Mark you may have hit the proverbial nail on the head..............

    Toronto............. where are you located? It will help in determining what paper you are using and what we can suggest.

    Also on the glue............. just remember very little is much better than a lot.

    And if you can resize your pictures to 800 x 600 or smaller and they will fit the thread window better.

    Don't worry......... we all have been there, luckly you found the right place to get answers. There is a lot on knowledge that can be found here. Never be afraid to ask.

  13. cgutzmer

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    just what I suggested and asked about in the third post :p heh heh
  14. Toronto

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    i build that starcraft tank for so long, and it end up like this, i almost yell out in frustration.

    thanks for the tips anyways:)

    i will post any update if i bother to continue with the project:)
  15. cardmodeler

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    Hello, Toronto,
    Cardmodelling is just like any form of modelling; there are certain basic skills to learn and the more you practice, the better you get. Learning how to manipulate the cardstock(cutting, scoring, folding, rolling, etc.) and how much glue to use I would say are the fundamentals. Don't give up! If you really like a model that doesn't turn out so hot the first time, try to build it again. You will learn from your mistakes the first time around. Most of all, just have fun. Check out the build threads on this forum if you haven't already, as there is some amazing and inspiring work going on here. And be sure to show pix of your work. :)
  16. Mark_1984

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    Yes, stick with it. My first couple of models ended up in the bin, but once you get the basics it doesn't take too much effort to turn out some nice models.

    There are always plently of people here who will give good advice. I know - they've given me lots of help.
  17. cgutzmer

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    HAH! My very first model I "glued" using a stapler. Then the next two I used scotch tape on the outside. then I tried taping from the inside - then I tried a wonderous glue stick - worked awesome then fell apart a few days later (yeah cheapo) thenon to white glue and it was all better from there. First one work out heck no but after a while......

    Of course my first few were so simple anyhow. I built nothing this complex until after about 20 models or so. Of course I am kinda lame and I was doing it at work between calls (I used to do tech support and had frequent downtime)
  18. Toronto

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    anyways, i want to ask another question. what do you mean by 160 g/m2. So if i go to some store, i would ask for 160 g/m2 paper? sorry if that is a stupid question.
  19. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    Hi Totonto,

    That is not a stupid question at all. 160 g/m2 paper is thick paper/very thin card. A craft shop or office supplies should understand what it means if you are in Europe, and possibly Asia. The US use a different system that is far more complicated. Perhaps one of our many US members can explain it ?

    I've use glossy photo paper in the past, but it's not very good. The glossy surface doesnt take glue very well, so you have to scrape the coating off. The ink tends to scratch off easily as well. Apart from anything else, it's expensive.

    Hope that helps - feel free to ask if you need any more advice.
  20. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    So long as you're not in the US - if you ask for 160 gsm (grams per square meter) they should understand you. If they don't you're in the wrong store.

    If you wind up in some sort of office supply supermarket look at the packaging - it should tell what weight the card is.

    If in the US - search the forum threads for US paper sizes - I think (but don't quote me) you'd be asking for 65lb cover stock.



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