techniclor t-34??

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    i purchased answers t-34 recently and just flicking throgh the kit i noticed.......its purple:eek: is this right or do i have a misprinted kit? the pictures dont quite show it but it definately looks purple:confused:

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  2. Nothing

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    ive never heard of a purple any tank. buti learn new stuff everyday.
  3. Elliott

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    (With apologies to Frank Gelett Burgess and Robert Blake) "ahem"

    I never saw a purple tank,
    I never hope to see one;
    But you can take this to the bank -
    I'd rather see than be one.

  4. charliec

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    It's a copy of the colour scheme on one of the T-34s outside Kubinka in Moscow (Ò-34-76). There were 2 colour tank camo schemes in the GPW but I think they were Green (4B0) and Brown rather than the somewhat bizarre scheme in the Answer model.


    NULLMOON Member looks intentional the brown defineately has something of the pinky-purple about it it just seems to be much darker than the real thing the green on the kit is very dark dont get me wrong the kit is ace pehaps i could scan it and play with the contrast a bit failing that it would certainly be an eye catching model:mrgreen:
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    No dispute on the "eye-catching model - certainly different from the uniform 4B0 green finish. The brown could be the A2 Brown used on VVS aircraft - try Jens Popp Scale Modell Homepage - Welcome for a take on what that looked like. I think the green colour should be 4B0 green - the Don Color site also has this as well.



    NULLMOON Member

    it might be that it was printed out of contrast hence the odd color scheme i have several answer su-vehicles and there schemes are perfect it may be a candidate for painting ive seen a few modelers on here paint armour models
  8. charliec

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    Painting cardmodels seems to be a Eastern European thing - it was suggested in another forum that this was to cover up the mismatches and strange colours of old Maly models. (There's a competition going on over there to build older Maly models).

  9. jch_in_uk

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  10. Dragos

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    Maybe they will make a remake of the Renault R-35. I would like to see that.
  11. charliec

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    Not wrong there - as well as a Hotchkiss H39, Somua and Char B1 would be nice. I think the only reason the R35 was modelled is that the Polish army were operating some of them in 1939.


  12. cgutzmer

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    You dont have to say another site, or over there at another place. You can use their name, link to it, whatever. There is no animosity. I love both places. I frequently vist many card model websites :D

    Its a great contest that old troll is running!

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    i have a bunch of malay helis that i would like to build they may be the best candidate to try painting a kit it seems a waste to paint over the details on a modern kit the t-34,s a long way down my "2 do list" anyway:mrgreen:
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    nice site theres a reference to t-34s shooting aircraft with there main guns how cool is that :twisted:are there any other good t-34 kits out there? i may still build my t-34 as is despite the color as it is a nice kit

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    t-34 update

    i constructed the tanks entire main hull to give an overall impression of the color scheme what does everyone think? worth completeing or is the slightly odd color spoil it? its not as purple as first thoght either i used a cool red with a little black to paint the edges :p natral light helps too

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  17. KCStephens

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    It look pretty good to me - KEEP GOING!
  18. lriera

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    It looks well to me. Is a nice model too and very well build. Please, do it.
  19. angevine

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    the t-34 has now moved to the "under construction" area of my cubord and will get built instead of the su-122 im gonna wait until i get hold of a disk cutter to do the wheels before i continue work on it i saw one used in another build thread and the results were neat and tidy its a nice kit despite the color oddity the fit of the parts is FLAWLESS

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