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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kettlestack, Mar 11, 2002.

  1. kettlestack

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    For 30 yrs I've seen Team Tracks mentioned on track plans. Last Saturday I learned (from another forum gulp!) what they were for. It seems they were installed in every town/depot area for public loading and unloading (maybe especially for The Boxes"?).

    Well now I have an excuse for a ramp/platform (with jib crane) AND a cattle pen. I found an N gauge cattle pen kit that's been laying in a drawer in my train room for about 8 yrs, so am busy scaling it up to HO using a CAD program. I also found about a doz Herefords my wife bought 3 yrs ago which will do just nicely to set the scene.

    Progress is coming along just nicely on my switching layout. The track is laid, the wiring finished, my scratchbuilt bakery (in relief) just needs finishing touches and I'm using "sculptamould" to provide some land contour between tracks as the baseboard is totally flat. Track is not ballasted yet.

    Alas, I made the same age old mistake most make!! ... I didn't prepare the room first!!:( :( . Anyway, no one is going to admire the room so I can live with it the way it is .. :)

    Maybe I'll have a pic or two to post in a couple of days.

    Errol ...... (Lone Ranger hasn't found an SP train to rob (yet), thinking about the prospect on the RI high iron) :(
  2. RI541

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    You wouldn't be the first to rob the RI. The Rock Island was the first train that Jessie James robed.

    I think the RI eventualy set up a marker along the line after Jessie became famous,dont quote me but if memory serves me right. I dont remember when or where.

  3. Tyson Rayles

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    Yeah and don't plan on robbing the Nantahala Midland either is it is in debt up to it's ears. However from all the industrail expansion going on I would say the Grand Valley, K & I or the Matt Lines would probably be worth robbing.:p

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