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    hello I hope this is where I put this post

    This is my first paper model im building I am do know 3D models but first time building it to paper I need some help on its construction I need someone to look at the pictures and see if it will hold up being in paper form. I am almost finish constructing it in Sketch Up

    I am making a Sentry 3 from Team Fortress 2 , if this goes well im gonna start after my next proje

    I am wondering if this will hold up to the weight of the top with the guns and the missle launcher mostly worried about the main pipe in the middle


    I wanna know if its possible to make these especially the wire in the back how would anyone do it, anyone.
    Does anyone know if this bar will hold the weight of these 2 guns ? better view from the next picture [​IMG]d

    As you can see the main board is made into 3 sections, could it be made into one section and have the hinges ( the tubes next to each nut ) made into halfs and the main board being a whole and still hold up ? [​IMG]

    And the last circle is a brace for the bullet holder and the missle launcher this is the only thing holding those two and they link up to the main shaft, is it possible that this will hold up ? or do I need to figure out a brace somehow?

    Thank you in advance

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  2. Derrick256

    Derrick256 New Member

    I guess no one can help im on my own on this
  3. Lex

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    ...Why? Not many people have seen this thread yet... I'm not into team fortress, but I think whether the model holds up depends on your final model's size and the paper used. And it won't be too hard to laminate critical structural parts with thick card.

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