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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Derrick255, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Derrick255

    Derrick255 New Member

    Took me a year in process and alot of hair pulling later I managed to finish the papercraft ( this is not a in game model ) made it from scratch and tried to make it as close to possible from the game I hope you all enjoy if you have any questions or problems just comment on my blog (sorry for the 3 pics my pc couldnt handle all the textures or it would explode litterally I had bunch of crashes on sketchup doing this



    and sorry I dont have any papercraft pics since I just finished it yesterday but I can asure you its all there .

    *Edit PDF format nor available
  2. Benjamin385

    Benjamin385 New Member

    I love it. Downloading now :D
  3. Derrick255

    Derrick255 New Member

    Hope you enjoy and its put together in 7 inches thanks for downloading. I am trying to put together a 12 inches incase someone wants to scale that a little down for a bigger one, but its gonna take me a bit
  4. Benjamin385

    Benjamin385 New Member

    Personally I love Team Fortress 2 Stuff Cant get enough of it.

    If you make the Spy's Butterfly Blade I will Be Eternally Grateful

    I will be putting this Bad boy together as soon as I get the Paper to do so.
    I ran out of paper last night. :'(
  5. Derrick255

    Derrick255 New Member

    ok bro happy building I hope it goes ok and I give you warning there is some tiny pieces in there I hope you can fully finish it let me know when your half way though, cool?
  6. Maico Shark

    Maico Shark Guest

    Be nice to get an "in progress" build thread.
  7. Derrick255

    Derrick255 New Member

    oh I am I didnt mean no offense just someone said on another board that there is some tiny pieces and that I needed to make it bigger
  8. Derrick255

    Derrick255 New Member

    12 inch model read for download on my blog its good incase someone wants to make it a little bigger any size they want.
  9. hippohroch

    hippohroch New Member

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