Taylor Creek Tramway - A young modeller's Adventure

Discussion in 'Narrow Gauge Model Railroading' started by only15, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. only15

    only15 PRO:Pain In The Behind

    Gday all,
    Some of you may remember some time ago now (maybe two years or so back?) i was after information on Sn2 modelling?, well i have been busy of late, after some freelanced HOn30 modelling and some 4mm scale modelling i moved onto the unique scale of 1/35th on 9mm gauge, representing a 12" gauge agricultural tramway.

    All Rollingstock and Loco's are either Scratchbuilt or Heavily Kitbashed from items of different scales. The loco's aren't based on "real" prototypes, but when being built plausability was something i strived to achieve.

    Whilst i do have my original concept sketch and construction pictures avaliable, my computer seems to be hating me a bit at the moment, so i'll just show some current photo's.
    I'll let the pictures do the talking:


    And setup for it's debut show in March:
    And was featured in Carl Arendt's Small layout scrapbook (see:http://www.carendt.com/scrapbook/page98/index.html)
    If you have any questions please feel free to ask! :mrgreen::thumb:

  2. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member


    That is a very nice mini layout. I enjoy the colors and the way it all fits together so well. What is the principal industry modeled??

    As we say in the Southern USA "You done good."

    Doc Tom:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
  3. only15

    only15 PRO:Pain In The Behind

    Cheers Doc Tom,
    The main industry was meant to be an Olive Growing Indutry, but over time i seem to have strayed away from that a bit with mixed freight taking priority, although Olives are the main product.

    The colouring of the scenery was influenced by the local Tasmanian bush in Summer (Tasmania, Australia)

  4. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Very good Nathan. Olive oil is a very unique industry for a model RR.

    There are some very fine modelers in Australia and it appears you are learning from them as your work is very good.

    I also love all the place names.......Tasmania, OZ etc. you all have in the land down under.

    Doc Tom:thumb:
  5. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Very nice. :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    I love small Layouts. They are a lot of fun. :cool:

    :wave::wave: Joe.
  6. S class

    S class Member

    saw this on carls website, very nice work
  7. only15

    only15 PRO:Pain In The Behind

    Hi guys,
    Cheers for the kind comments, it's greatly appreciated!

  8. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member


    Very good work, and the presentation is excellent.

    Bill Nelson
  9. only15

    only15 PRO:Pain In The Behind

    Thankyou!, Sorry for the belated reply.
    Presentation of an exhibition layout, i feel is extremely important!

  10. prastiajibayu

    prastiajibayu New Member

    nice small layout...
    this can be refference of other modeller...
  11. anubis51

    anubis51 Little Loco

    Hi Nathan,

    Nice job, mate!!

    Good to see some young blood in amongst us 'oldies'.

    Keep up the good work, and don't let anyone ever tell you not to follow your dreams. :thumb:

    (I LOVE Tassie!!!.......especially the NW corner...:yep:)


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