Tar Paper Roof?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by 2-8-2, Jun 17, 2006.

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    The kit I've been working on (Branch Line Trains Feed Store) came with a tar paper roof. This is basically wide strips of black construction paper, that I'm to overlap on the roof in order to cover it. I've dry fit a few strips, just to see how it will look, and I'm a bit disappointed. I've spent a lot of time painting and weathering this kit, and the roof looks pretty generic.

    What can I do to spice it up a little? I thought about running some glossy black paint down the seam lines to make it look more realistic, but that may not be enough. Any thoughts?
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    i have used thin automotive masking tape painted a weathered black to simulate tar paper just sitck it down and glue thin strips of wood or plastic over joints to give it a apperance of batting or give them a slight overlap .then paint and weather.
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    My beloved and I use shirt box tissue painted with Floquil Grimy Black, dry brushed with various shades of grey and dusted with powdered pastels sealed in place with Dulcote. We finish it off with fine lines of gloss black for seeping tar---not too much or too wide---along the sides and seams. On these particular buildings we run the paper about 6 scale inches up the sides as well.

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  4. Ralph

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    Looks like the real thing there Bob!
  5. 2-8-2

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    I think painting the seams will go a long way with detailing the roof. There is a small porch around the back door, and another overhang above the loading dock on this structure. I have some leftover wood shingles from another project that I may use instead of more tar paper...just to have a different look.
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    Appreciate the comments---that particular roof is my wife's work. Great idea about the mix and match there, it'll give your building some "history".:thumb:
  7. i beleave that mrr done a article on roofs they used a sand or something to that effect to simulate the corse textur. if any one remembers it pls try and help me out a little:wave:

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