Tank Tracks.

Discussion in 'Renders and Illustrations' started by zathros, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. zathros

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    I've always wondered how people do this. I think I have come up with a method. I had to "Array Object along a curve" to get the tracks to line up right. Not having measured anything, I subtracted the tracks till the all bent at the appropriate place. The "Flow along Surface" command distorted the tracks. It may work for this. Probably something I'm doing wrong. I need to research it more. :)

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  2. Chris74

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    If the track is long enough, I think a method could be to glue it on the upper parts of the wheels.... at least, if the ensemble wheel/track it's not supposed to be "functional". Just an idea.
  3. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    I'm sorry. I should have clarified. The track links are each separate parts. The trick was trying to have the tracks follow a surface and bend according to the parts where they are linked in a virtual C.A.D. Render scene. That is what is demonstrated here. It seems right. Looks can be deceiving! :)

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  4. Cforrest900

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  5. zathros

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    Thanks. This section of the forum is for illustrating and rendering. Poeple who have knowledge of such things are welcome to offer up ideas. I worked primarily with Rhino3D 4.0 and 5.0. By practicing parts it can improve model making. Making a model render nicely really has nothing to do with making a model tat can be made into a paper model. There is a place for nice renders though and by studying renders, one can figure out what compromises have to be made to make a paper model.

    Rendering for the sake of rendering is also a lot of fun. :)
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    This information is very constructive for correct planning. I like your work for providing information to the other.
  7. fajarkurtz

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    that a very dificult to build i think,
  8. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    It would be, but people do build them link for link, and they look stunning! :)
  9. blueyeppoon

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    Looks Like its ready for anything to go on top!

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