Tamiya Fighter buggy RX ?

Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by The Rig, Jan 7, 2004.

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  1. The Rig

    The Rig New Member

    I Know these are old now but i cant afford alot, it comes with battery, radio gear etc for £35, wot r these cars like, is it worth it ?

    also, as i`m new please clarify why different v batteries matter, like 7.2 or 9 ????

  2. The Rig

    The Rig New Member

    is this the wrong place to ask this question, i thought it would of had at elast 1 reply.

    i`m new to r/cing after a time out so just need basic info, like what batteries to have, motor speeds etc, remember i`m on a basic budget, nought special, old tamiya stuff really.

  3. Steve M

    Steve M Member

    The Tamiya Fighter Buggy RX is a low cost entry level play vehicle. While it is undoubtedly well made, like all Tamiya paoducts, it isn't a race vehicle and as such won't be able to withstand too much abuse. The shocks are not oil filled but just springs over fake shocks and the rear is a solid axle/gearbox unit also with spring only suspension. The body is a hard plastic type rather than a clear lexan shell.

    A higher voltage battery will provide more power to the motor than a lower voltage one and hence it will make your vehicle drive faster. The higher voltage will also make the motor run hotter so be advised. The Tamiya Fighter Buggy FX looks to accept only a 6-cell (7.2 volt) stick pack.

    Hope this helps.
  4. The Rig

    The Rig New Member

  5. RCholic

    RCholic New Member

    Hey Rig,

    If that's all you can afford, go for it. It's the passion for r/c that matters, not the the products.
    When I started out in 1988, my first car was a Nikko. This was when they barely came out with the turbo version.
    A slow start makes lasting memory!
    Buy it and enjoy!
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