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  2. That is one amazing model! Thanks for posting.
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    Unfortunatly at a rather low-res...
    Looks like a Greek statue of a warrior, right?
    Or a mythical figure?
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    its from the original jason and the argonauts film,a huge statue that came to life and was defeated by unscrewing a plug from its heel which drained all of its oil out.
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    Ahh...Ray Harryhausen. What a genius. His stop-motion creations would make great papercraft. Thanks very much for posting this.
  7. The resolution is fine for the subject Ponytail. The model is a good representation of the giant animated bronze statue, Talos, from "Jason and the Argonauts". That movie thrilled me as a kid when I saw it from the front row of the Academy Theater in the early '60s. I saw bits of it recently on TV and the stop motion animation still holds up pretty good, even today.This model brought back some fond memories and is one I definitely intend to build soon. I've already downloaded a copy. The model is more copperish in color that the photos indicate. I think it will be striking when finished, with the base and all.
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    I loved those old stop motion adventure movies!! I'll definitely have to get me a copy of this model, even if I'm the only person I can think of locally who will recognize it... :rolleyes:

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