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    No one responded to this question on a thread a while back so I am taking the liberty of posting it again. Thanks
    Talking about oil, I saw a model railroad kit somewhere for sale that offered oil, grease, and I can't remember what the third item was. Anyway, does anyone own one of these "maintenace" kits and does it have instructions as to how much oil and grease to use and where to apply? I am totally ignorant when it somes to model train maintenace
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    Don't know what the third item might be... there are a few possibilities:

    - Kadee "Grease 'Em" is a graphite lube for coupler pockets.
    - Neo-lube is a graphite in alcohol cocktail advertised for side-rods on steamers.

    In general, the rule is grease is for gears, and oil is for bearings. You cannot put on too little!! Put a drop of oil on squirt of grease on a plastic lid (yogurt,, margarine, whatever) and use the pointy end of a pin to pick up a really small drop of lube and put it where it needs to go. Remember, many of the parts you lubricate turn at high speed once the loco is moving, and any excess will be liberally distributed at high speed throughout the loco, whether it needs it or not!

    Hope that helps.

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    I use mostly Labelle oils and their Teflon grease. I also have powdered teflon and Graphite, but they don't get much use. Look for plastic compatible oils & greases; the other ones can do interesting but undesirable things to your cars.
    If you take the body off a locomotive, look at all the places where bits move against each other. The motor and drive shafts in their bearings need oil. Where trucks swivel takes grease. Gears and worms get grease. The pins that side rods run on get oil.
    Any other bits? Don't oil surfaces that transfer electricity.

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