Taking time to visit an old friends Traction Layout

Discussion in 'Traction Thoroughfare' started by interurban, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Dav and I go back a long way , He was the one I have to thank for opening my eyes to the beauty of traction modelling:thumb:

    Dave and his dear wive Alice moved out of Toronto to Brighton 3 years ago for a quiter way of life. Good for them:thumb: But they are busy :D

    We had a great ride round the area and lunch.

    Dave classes his layout more of a museum, and has a lot of areas for running all sorts of traction stuff.

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  2. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    A colourful layout .
    Also a busy work bench where things get built out of bits and bobs:D

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  3. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    And to finish off here is some of Davids scratch built models and bought ones.
    Also a shot of the Montreal / Windsor express, the real thing.

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  4. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    That looks like a nice, manageable layout. I love the second photo - looking through the forest of poles! All in all it looks like a neat setup.

  5. ross31r

    ross31r Member

    LOL, chris, why is the cut down doodlebug familiar to me!

    My version is probably slightly shorter and a full freight version but its amazing to see someone else having practically the same idea!
  6. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    HA HA, I Thought you would see that bash job ross. Dave loved to redo those.:D

    Us juicers think alike methinks Ross:thumb:
  7. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    Great Photo's Chris. Thanks for sharing them with us.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  8. ross31r

    ross31r Member

    me thinks so to!

    have to get my digital camera back so you can see my little line now its up and running (its only a 4x2 but its mine!)
  9. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    That`s the spirit Ross, And I bet the only traction layout on Surrey:D :D :D If not the whole south of UK!!:)

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