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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by pikeyser, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Hello Members of the Forum,
    If successful, I have included some pictures of my 4 x 8 foot current track set-up. The tracks are laid in two layers with a 1.75% incline to the top two ovals. Both levels incorporate two reverse loops so that I can change the direction of the trains. Although, I have four sets of train consists, I can only run three at the same time. One consist must remain on the siding or within the figure-8 with the turnouts set in the appropriate direction so there is no power to the idling locomotive.

    I realize that scenery will enliven my layout. Also, I have noticed that those of you who are really skilled in the scenery process, have more area devoted to scenery than you assign to actual train track.

    The Berkshire, pulling the Great Northern, I imagine as a modern day excursion train. I think they go together nicely. The freight rolling stock are all Micro Trains. The passenger cars are Kato. Some of the photo files showing just track were too large and were not downloaded. Although, my track plan is fairly stable, I do have some refinements that I would like to complete over the next few weeks.

    There are advantages to getting "up and running" and also advantages to solidifying "that perfect plan". I am more of an "up and running" type of person. I noticed that you Senior Members say, "It's your railroad."


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  2. looking good! :thumb:

    Though the tracks looka little naked!:eek:
  3. Mountain Man

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    Whatever works for you - it is your railraod! :thumb:
  4. pikeyser

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    Thank you

    Thank you for your replies, Gentlemen. Of course, you are both correct. When I get the motivation I will develop a theme and get some faux grass on the "right-of-way". Paul
  5. jesso

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    You have some great stuff to run around your layout.:thumb: All that Kato track must be nice and smooth to run on.
  6. Herc Driver

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    Nice engines and rolling stock. I like the way the tracks are staggered vertically...looks pretty cool.
  7. rogerw

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    f successful, I have included some pictures of my 4 x 8 foot current track set-up. The tracks are laid in two layers with a 1.75% incline to the top two ovals.

    Pikeyser how did you get a 1.7% grade between the two levels? A 2% grade takes 16 feet of track so just curious.Thanks
  8. pikeyser

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    1.75% grade

    Hello RogerW,
    A one per cent grade, 1%, is defined as a rise of one inch over the length of 100 inches. I started my ramp on the short side of the table and continued until I reached the opposite end of the table. Both curves were included in the total length of track. The track had a final rise of 1-7/8 inches, 1.88 inches. Each short side was approximately 25 inches. The long side was 85 inches. The total length for the ramp was 135 inches. I actually did not do the calculation before my previous post, however, when I divide 1.88 inches by 135 inches, I get a percentage of 1.39 The grade calculates to 1.39%.

    The ramp normally does not present any problems to my locomotives. The four Kato diesels work very nicely, and I am not aware of any slippage. When I attach all 11 freight cars to the Pere Marquette, 2-8-4 Berkshire steam locomotive, there is some slippage. It will make the grade but it looks a lot nicer when I run it with the four "Great Northern" Kato cars.

    Thank you for your question RogerW. I hope that this is an adequate answer. Paul
  9. rogerw

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    Thanks paul. yes that makes it clear and I just noticed you are doing N gauge so you only had to go up 2 inches. For some reason I had HO on the brain. Cool its looking really nice , keep up the good work its very motivating. Thanks

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