Taking a Design from AutoCad to PSP

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  1. sdk2knbk

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    Dumb question. What's the best way to get a model page from AutoCad into Paint Shop Pro? (I have ACAD 2000 and PSP 6.0.) I'm sure there is a better way to do it than the way I am now. I print the model pages to a pdf, then extract the image from that by copying it out from a display of 200%. It used to work pretty well, but I've found that the newer Acrobat Reader gets, the worse the resulting resolution on the extracted line art is! I haven't been able to get a really decent res since ver 5.0, and the latest I tried earlier today on Reader v7.0 was unusable! I'm sure somebody has a better method than this, and I'm hoping I don't feel too stupid when I hear it. (At least what I'm doing now is better than the print-and-scan way I used to use!)

    Scott K.
  2. thewoodengraver

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    geez...right on the tip of my brain...?
    I think you export as???? I could be wrong...happened once before so...
    anyway, short of my brain not working, why don't you use acrobat five to do this if it works. Newer versions of software aren't always better. I have a couple versions of acrobat reader , this one is good for this, while that one is good for that...
  3. Stev0

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    hmmm.... I'd say export as 3ds and import into another program.

    2007 has print to pdf functions now which would make life better. I'm not sure if if prints preseving vectors or outputs a raster image.

    I do know Illustrator can import .dwg files because I was able to work in the office on my cromwell model. 3Dmax and import/export .dwg and .ai files.

    I have never used Paintshop... so I am dead in the water on that.
  4. wunwinglow

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    I'd export in a vector format (dxf, dwg, ai) to a vector program such as Coreldraw. You can kiss byebye to any bitmap worries, and keep complete control over the scale of the parts. More recent versions of Coreldraw 9, 10, 11 etc have some wonderful blend and transparency tools, and I have yet to find an effect I can't do in Corel, that would force me to use a bitmap program.

    Tim P (wunwinglow)
  5. Gearz

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    ? PSP is just a bitmap editor ~ 'print screen' and rebuild the sections in PSP. If you zoom in enough in AutoCAD, you could build any size/res pic you want in PSP. Tedious but effective..
  6. Maurice

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    Answering the question as you originally asked it a long time ago.

    The following sounds involved but isn't and gives accurate output with good clear lines

    Install Ghostscript and Ghostview, free from
    (the process can look daunting but keep a simple mind and just do it :grin:)
    Open the pdf and go to File/Convert
    (don't bother using the prog for anything else - at least initially)
    Choose from the options (I recommend sticking to bitmap choices)
    Only do one page at a time
    When choosing the file name also type in the .bmp extension (so windoze recognises it)
    Open the output in PSP
    Under Image/Resize check that the resolution is exactly the 300/600 or whatever dpi you chose (and correct it as needed)
    Save in a more compact form and dump the bloated .bmp.


    (Yes folks I do know that vector drawing progs exist and that later versions of PSP will open .pdf, but only after a fashion and the results are relatively poor and I'm just answering Scott's question.)
  7. Bad_Scorpion

    Bad_Scorpion Member

    Just wondering could correl solve something i've tried doing with autocad files? The issue is I have some old designs in flat layed out format that i would like to change into 3d models. That way i don't have to take hours trying to rebuild them or is there some sort of converter? Just wondering if there is something. I have some old rc designs fro cars and planes and the like that are failry detailed but don't really want to have to rebuild them into an actual 3d format. By the way forgive my ignorance if there is something I can do with cad for this, as has been years since i used it. If not no problem will just redo them in 3ds or lwo. Whatever.
  8. sdk2knbk

    sdk2knbk Guest

    Actually, I've since found that most of my problem was caused when I printed to the pdf file in the first place. There is a graphics option that must be unchecked that says "downsample bitmaps to 96 dpi" or something like that. Get rid of that and the result is MUCH better. I'll try your suggestion anyway, Maurice, just to compare the results. Thanks!

    Scott K.
  9. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    Sorry Scott, but I can't give you a real cheap answer.

    I have access to AutoCad 2000 Lite & PSP 8 and tried umpteen different ways to transfer the files. I managed some level of success but the method, (can't remember just exactly how), was just too cumbersome and sloppy.

    I finally tried a demo of "Any DWG to Image Converter" which gave very good results. In the end I had to buy it as I couldn't find any freeware programmes.:(
  10. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    Try Gimp

    Scott Just a Note,

    If You need a good paint/publish, opensource program, Try Gimp. As for purchased programs, (You can't beat Corel, (As stated by others here, (It works great with Vector Files).

    I use Autocad & Corel, (In windozzzzz, (and paint in Gimp sometimes on My Ubuntu loaded laptop). Gimp can be run in windows too.

    Just FYI,

  11. Pilot

    Pilot New Member

    Another reply after the fact...Paint Shop Pro will natively import the DXF and DWG formats, although I have *no* idea how good the translation is between the two. My guess is "terrible," but it might be worth trying since the functionality is there. :)
  12. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member


    Does Paint Shop have a trace option/function? Just a question.

  13. Pilot

    Pilot New Member

    There is a "Trace Contour" filter that seems to be...OK. There's no configuration panel for it, so the effect is either applied or not. I ran it over a random image from my hard drive so you can see some results:

    http://www.hooverae.com/target2.jpg (original)
    http://www.hooverae.com/target2a.gif (with Trace Contour filter)

    I imagine that the results would vary greatly depending on the quality and format of the original image.
  14. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    Thanks for the info! It might be worth looking into. I like to have as many options as I can collect, (LOL).

    Have a great day,

  15. -Jim G

    -Jim G Member

    Not a dumb question at all. Last year I was working on AutoCad 2000 and had the same problems. I used the same method as you with similar mixed results. Luckily AutoCAD 2007 has remedied the problem for me (at least for the time being) I can print to a jpg file now.

    BTW I draw in acad at full scale and then I print to the scale that I want.

    -Jim G
  16. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    I remember the problem with AutoCAD to PSP

    Let's see if I can get this post to work. My steps to convert a dwg file to a jpeg/tiff file in PSP were as follows. Appologies to anyone I'm telling how to suck eggs, but you'll understand.

    Step 1) Create an acad file. I put a box around it, in this example, 30mm by 20mm so to enable an accurate conversion to pixels, (DPI). I live in a metric world.

    Step 2) Double clicking my acad file in PSP brings up this box.

    Step 3) I now want to convert my dwg file to a jpeg, but at 600 DPI, (dots per inch), resolution.

    So a 20mm width, (the width of the box I drew around the picture I want to convert), divided by 25.4mm (25.4mm equals one inch), gives 1.18 inches approximately
    To convert 1.18 inches to 600 DPI, simply multiply 1.18 by 600 to get 708 dots (or pixels, same thing). See next box. Note that "maintain original aspect ratio" is ticked.

    Step 4) Now I have a 600 DPI image. But, it is only an 8 bit file. No probs I can convert it to 24 bit as follows.

    Now I have converted the file. See

    Step 5) Now comes the realization that it all falls apart, I start to tug at my receding hairline,...and thank the lord for propecia.

    The next post highlights the conversion problems.

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  17. gippolot

    gippolot Member


    A tiff file will give a much better resolution, but will be considerably larger.

    But I never managed to deal with the problems associated when converting curves or splines from dwg to another format using PSP. I finally gave up.

    Hopes this is enlightening.

    Regards Gippo
  18. mbauer

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