Take a picture of your workbench now.

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by RINGMASTER, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. lizzienewell

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Thank you.
  2. Bowdenja

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    Just watched the video and I think it's pretty cool!

    Dang Dave..........it sure would be nice watching that big ole B-52 or B-1 come togther "at the movies":grin:

  3. Willja67

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    I just watched the video as well and thought it was great. I think the best part was the ending portion:grin: I knew from Bills pics that the rotor blades could probably rotate but I didn't know that they could rotate so freely!:twisted: Great job Bill!! A little tutorial on how that was accomplished would be well received I think.
  4. mikew

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    The video was outstanding, thanks for posting it.
  5. silverw

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    Thanks for all the replys, Guys n Gals....

    I couldn't get it to open on the computer at work, and though that maybe it wasn't working! Glad to see it does!

    Jim, I think it works pretty much like "Imageshack",,except for videos. There is a couple hour delay, while your video is "approved"... what ever that means! I think a 200Meg size limit.... There are other similar sites... but I haven't check them out yet.

    Barry.... now that you mention it.... that would be quite interesting to HEAR all the different accents from the people that hang around here!!(even with the swearing!!!)
  6. thewoodengraver

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    I have really enjoyed seeing into your lives. I am in the process of re-arranging my space so a pic would not do. It would look pretty much the same as...well...just combine all your pics and add lots of sawdust and that is what my space looks like. I would be at-home with most of your workspaces...the cluttered ones anyway.

    I have saved all pics of workbenches renamed to reflect their owners...It will come in handy for my "insanity" trial !!! lol

    Jim, TWO magnifying lamps?? NOW I understand how the heck you did certain parts on that Constitution!! Macro-Micro?

    46rob, can you please tell me the name of those markers, looks like there are more than the 23 or so Sharpie offers.
  7. Ashrunner

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    I got my digital camera back today and thought I would finally send in a pic of my workspace. I do everything at this desk, as the only other thing in the room is my Lazyboy recliner and television, along with a couple of bookcases with no room when you see what's on top of my scanner.

  8. Mindaugas

    Mindaugas Member

    Hello everybody,

    I love this topic. Everyone showed his working place and I liked every photo!

    With this post I'm going not only to show my working place, but I will show my whole room and you will find out some interestign things about me.

    Firstly - under table. There're lots of CDs and DVDs. I am a fan of computer gaming. I've over 550 computer games. By the way, there're not all CDs I have :)


    Here are my shelves. I like reading books. Also you can see here some of my models, unbuilt plastic kits and many paint bottles (I love Model Master - they're the best paint!!! :D)


    Closer look to my shelves. Several models. Some paper and some plastic. I should note, that I mostly build paper models and plastics are just a different addition.


    Here's my enterntaining corner. I have much bigger TV in living room, but I prefer staying here, because it is my room with my beloved atmosphere. Under the bed, there's an xbox console connected to TV. Here I play video games and watch DVDs and other movies. Also there's my secret suitcase with modelling tools. There are some bottles of thinner and also a bunch of CDs with games.


    My ferrari collection:


    Here's my bike. Biking is my second hobby. I love it very much. Also I'm going to get BMX next summer for some extreme riding :D Here you can see some other tools (drilling tool) and my P-38J Lightning from FLYMODEL, that hadn't been announced to you before (why do you think I stopped working on my SR-71 for several last months? Lightning was dedicated for kartonbau.de competition, but I didn't manage to finish it until competition ended... Soon I will show a building process of it. By the way, under those chairs (not visible) there're lots of unbuilt paper kits...


    And my desk. Here's where I work on my models. I also love movies (see the monitor). I especially love cartoons (The Simpsons, Family Guy..). Also you can see a joystick. I don't have very good equipment for flight simulators, but I love to play them! They give me much experience about real life aviation!


    SR-71 :D


    And other hobby of mine. I love drawing, painting and designing. I was going to go to Aviation University after finishing school, but I might not go through, because there're high requirements for health (just a tiny mismatch in your body - and you won't fit). So if I don't get into the aviation, I will try going to Architecture University. Thats why currently I am learning to draw, paint and design.



    As you know, that I also love winter sports - skiing, snowboarding and so on. You can find a photo of me here, where I am skiing


    Also I go in for sports much (workout, running, plus, what I've allready mentioned) in orfer to be strong, fit and have a good health and stamina. Also I like wreckless driving..

    And I think thats all. As I love modelling, I also am interesting in all kinds of military vehicles, equipment and history. So I have told you everything about me, my hobbies, routine and life!

    Good luck!
  9. hpept

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    ehi mindaugas, is that FIAT 126 your car? It was a long time i didn't see one... good old times...
  10. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Hi all, let me give you idea of my enviroment which consists of:

    workbench - all I need for cardmodelling is here /including radio/. You can see that above my head is desk with reference picture of actual model of KrAZ russian truck.


    archive - of not yet builded cardmodels /mostly trucks and WWII technigue/ and books with pictures of WWII which used as reference pictures


    gallery - of finished model /was gift from my wife/. Here you can see most of finished models incl. trophies which got.


    That is all - hope you enjoyed
  11. silverw

    silverw Member

    WOW... Bernie....

    I really envy your organization!!! I'm working on such a system!!! Ya...right!!!

  12. Texman

    Texman Guest

    From the looks of the fender, Kraz 255 B. I think I see the lip there.
  13. Bernie

    Bernie Member

  14. thehaggard

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    Taiwan Space Command Workbench

    Here is what passes for my workbench in Meinung, Taiwan. I am running a MacMini for the designing process and an Epson C900 and an HP 1220C for the printing. I switched from Windows to Mac over Christmas and I am PLEASED. My first new model from a Mac is on my webpage now at www.albionrising.com

    The Haggard

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  15. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Welcome aboard. Glad to see you are getting out in the world. :)
  16. thehaggard

    thehaggard Member


    Thanks Gannon,
    How is the OK Wildfire situation? Not singed I hope.

    It has always been hard for me to keep up with web based forums like this one. I do like the info here but I am lazy and prefer the e-mail based ones so that info is delivered into my lap. :)

    I promise to do better while I can.

    -The Haggard
  17. shrike

    shrike Guest


    Here are pictures of my work area along with the new book/display shelves and the chunks of airplane on the walls.
    The desktop is in "Just finished a project and haven't tidied up for the next one" mode, so as not to present an unrealistic sense of organization<g>

  18. thehaggard

    thehaggard Member

    Sweet, Shrike! I like the glass shelves so one can see the whole model without touching it. However, I don't see how some of you guys build models on so small a tables! I have to have a 7 foot utility table from Costco DEDICATED to models. Otherwise, they get crushed in the crush of junk. Nice photos!
    -The Haggard
  19. silverw

    silverw Member

    Hi Michael.....
    You look like you have a pretty NEET!! set-up, yourself!!

    I stiil like the phaser the best!!!

    ............. Bill

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