Take a picture of your workbench now.

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  2. wunwinglow

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    Oo, Fokker DVII! I win!

    Tim P
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    I see the D VII! I have one of those on my bench too! It's my first paper model. Wingtips were a bit tough. Mine is almost the same stage as yours. I have the fuselage together and the lower wing on. Don't have the tail section on just yet.

    I'd take a picture of my bench but I just use the dining room table! I'd like to see more of your DVII though.
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    I was halfway hoping that the monitor would show www.cardmodels.net ?

    building, getting tips, posting witty comebacks, pithy comments, whatever it takes

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    I think you've got ringmaster beat for oldest style phone.:twisted:
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    Here is mine.



    Wath out hen you get to th main struts, ,ake them longer than the plan shows, then cut to fit.
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    Here is mine. If the wife new I posted these I would be meeting god.

    The place were I spend most of my time work and play.

    The place where I enjoy my time play.

  11. Bowdenja

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    Here is mine.

    Do we all work around our computers?

    Love the shake lites Rob, got a couple myself! Along with the Mig-15.

    Got the same hammer Dave!

    And Rick............Jim Beam.........hmm..........


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  12. Texman

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    Hey Rob,

    I have the same exact set of 100 markers! I love that set. Haven't used
    anything else in a couple of years. Works great, don't they?

  13. wunwinglow

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    Rickstef wanted to see The Fat White Cat when it was finished.Struts are still not right and I had to fake the tail skid, it's a birthday present for my stepbrother-in-law. He ask for a Spad 13, when I showed him the
    dell collection he said"I want a plastic model":TS.

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    Linkie no workee. :-?
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    Err. I have an embarrasment of wealth--four work-stations.

    Here they are. I seem to be the only one so far using a drafting table. I think I'm ahead on pliers.

    Notie the cat in the sewing set-up. This is an important piece of equipment.

    Dave, I notice that you don't have anything on your walls. I think you should buy a flightmap and put it up. It will go along with the aircraft theme.

    My computer and printer area suffers from blank-wall as well. I'm going paint it, torromow. Or maybe the next day.


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  17. Redwulf

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    Thanks ringmaster. I'm getting ready for those now. What do you use for the center fuselage struts? I was going to use a toothpick or something similar.
  18. Fishcarver

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    This: and a 1:35 BRDM ATGM vehicle.....

    A half-sized Great Gray Owl

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    Round tooth picks wrapped in green 20# paper. I got the righ color from my sears bill. Next time I may use white. The cutting diagram for all the struts is wrong, about 20% too short. Eyeball it and use draftsmans deviders to get the dementions. The interplaine struts are too short too.No real problem sence you are fabricting everything anyway. there is a plan on FG; lick D VII and more information. I'm going to use more research and more jigs next time. My first biplane, at least no rigging. Makes a pritty ship. I used bamboo scures for LG legs, a little too thick, but looked OK. I made my first interwing struts out of wrapped tooth pick, worked great, didn't have enouh bond paper for another set, found some 68# art paper the right color, but not asgood. Oh well, the birthday boy loved it anyway.
    http://usera.imagecave.com/ringmaster/models/D VII 02.JPG
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