Taconite Pellet Plant

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by DrGeologist, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. DrGeologist

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    So I’m looking to build a N scale taconite pellet plant by kit bashing together perhaps a Walsthers North Island Refinery and maybe a New River Mining as starters? I really have no idea…

    Has anyone made a pellet plant before? Or does a kit already exist?

    I don’t have a specific prototype in mind, but I’m aiming for something in the ballpark of the Fairlane Plant in Minn. …suggestions or even detailed pics are welcome!
  2. Kevinkrey

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    Fairlane pellet plant Huh? I have several photos of the plant, just no way to put them on the comuter from a book. I think it would be just as easy and cheaper to scratch build it, very easy. I have been by the plant a few times, never noticed anything like the North Island refinery by it though. The fairlane pellet plant recieves crude taconite from their Thunderbird (plant was owned by Ford, hence the car names) mine and then the plant does its thing and it leave as taconite pellets. Building it would be a simple structure of corrugated steel, with a car dumping facility (for raw taconite) and the Fairlane plant has a large silo trains drive under for pellet loading. There are also pellet stock piles that would be easy to make. ​
  3. Kevinkrey

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  4. DrGeologist

    DrGeologist Canadian Down Under

    Nice pics... thanks. I have a couple shots in a magazine too, and I think the silos are a "must have". I was thinking the refinery, just to make the main strucure look a bit more industrial.

    So... is DM&IR now CN?? What the heck is Canada doing in Minnesota? I know nothing about rail history. I grew up in Nova Scotia... not exactly iron belt country!
  5. Kevinkrey

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    Yes the mighty Missabe was purchsed on May 10, 2004 (my least favorite day of the year, I spend that day by myself pouting all day). I dont understand how a Canadian Co. can buy a US railway, which ships via ships :)p). A foreign railway needs special permision to ship via ship:)p). The CN wanted the DMIR only to use about a 30 mile strip that connects two railways together. Go build your own #^$*%&$ line. Nothing against Canada :canada1: Just the CN.
  6. Triplex

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    The Canadian railroads have expanded into the US. Not just northern states - with the purchase of IC, CN makes it to the Gulf Coast! As they're doing this, KCS has expanded into Mexico.
  7. RonP

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    Just put a border crossing across the line the way its going these days it'll go outta business. Then we can say fuggit really and sell to the chinese.

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