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    goodduck WOW!!!
    Somewhere in this model can find and download? Is it a pay version?
    Unfortunately the links provided above do not work anymore:(
    Or maybe could you send me your
    I will be very grateful
  2. goodduck

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    It is not my to give, sorry about. My friend told me not to give it away when he sent me the original color file. He said only way to get it is to be member of some Blog. The model is limited release too. And the designer retire it long ago.

    But I can tell you I did came across couple of pirate sites when I was looking for reference. Both got what you looking for and then some. Being pirate sites. I can not give out the address. But if I can run into them, so can anyone else. You just need to do some digging.
  3. marciu11

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    It is a pity, but understand.
    How is his property and not allow it.
    Thanks for your interest and best regards
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