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    I downloaded a paper model today and believe the glue tabs are not placed correctly. I do not want to offend or criticize the designer of this model. I downloaded this model from the Bruno-Matematico Papermodelista site. They have very nice models there, but this one caught my eye. It is a great model and I really want to make it, but the tabs appear to make its construction impossible. There are some small pieces that have 10 or 15 pointed tabs all running into one another and overlapping. Does anyone know how I can "re-unfold" the model and put tabs in more appropriate places? I am a new paper model maker and have put together several paper models. I look at my pdo files with Pepakura and am trying to learn Metasequoia, but I have never unfolded anything or put tabs on. I really want to make this person, so if you have any suggestions, I will try to get the tabs sorted out. Thanks in advance for any help.


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    It's not the tabs causing the problem. It's the pepakurization. Quite simply, your brave for just attempting it. If you can, try to change the layout.
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    Thanks for your help, Sebret. Yes, I see, you are correct. I have the Pepakura Viewer, but I believe the model has to be fixed with the Pepakura Designer. I have the Designer but have not paid for it, so I can't use it to do things with other than view. I guess it is time to find out the cost and pay for it, so I will have a password and can learn how to use it on the seiya-s-linhas model. Thanks again ~ greymalkin
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    That is an awesome verb!

    Pepakura's subroutine for unfolding is... bizarre. You can take the exact same 3d model, rotate it 90 degrees and unfold to a completely different result.

    Best to slowly and carefully step through each edge, get familiar with what goes on what, and break up the model where required. Of course a licensed copy of Pepakura is required.

    I've found with my designs the total time is often evenly divided between Model, Texture, and Unfold. Instructions add another 1/2 part to that.

    Stepping through each edge has a second advantage of course; showing you exactly how to build it to the best result.

    Good luck!

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