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Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by Mathius_gamgee, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Mathius_gamgee

    Mathius_gamgee New Member


    I am a big fan of RTS games... in fact, I'm a big fan of all types of games. What i really want to know is has anyone played a table top form of command and conquer or even a warhammer type game with RPG elements?

    If so what where they?

    If not, would you?
  2. Experimental Designs

    Experimental Designs Papercraft Visionary

    There is a boardgame of Starcraft and there was an attempted manufacturing of figurines for Command and Conquer at one time but never a table top game which I would really love to see, especially of the Tiberium series.

    There is an RPG/RTS collectable miniatures game for Warcraft as well as card games and a boardgame.

    Other than that there isn't many tabletop games of mainstream RTS video games that I know of.
  3. DenTommes

    DenTommes New Member

    Well, I play Warhammer 40k but I'm lacking battle partners. I always end up drunk when I play with one of my friends^^ (Not as if it wasn't intended)

    It's a hobby that takes a lot of time, painting a single model can take you hell of a lot time and you have plenty of them.

    There are some kit's available for starting, including a few troops from 2 armies, basic rules and background story's.

    If you want to start, I would recommand one of those. But if you want to start a real army, you should first get as much information as possible before deciding which one. I started with the Grey Knights, but one of there biggest problem is, that its extremly hard to play with smaller armys as you will be horribly outnumbred. My GW had only metal miniatures of them, it costed me hell of a lot money to get a decent army (one figure costed 13€ and I needed quite some of them.)

  4. Patron_zero

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    I've played different RPGs on tabletop with different miniatures of all kinds, what I can suggest for anyone having that interest in general is think outside the box, meaning look beyond licensed or traditional items.

    I browse a lot of dollar-type retail stores for 20mm/25mm-1/72 scale figures, mind there's likely to be more modern-conventional soldiers found but if one looks fantasy-SF varieties are out there.

    Mind the biggest modifications needed to be made are adhering said figures to more substantial hex bases, such recommended for adapting any plastic robot or mecha for use on staggered terrain tiles.
  5. owenkid

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    has anyone played the horus herasy bord game? i thin theres a new version out also, i saw it at games day last year
  6. Mathius_gamgee

    Mathius_gamgee New Member

    I play 40k and have collected a few armies, but it still doesn't have any RPG elements to it. It would be nice if a campaign type game could be made in which points were awarded for completing objectives and if a model fell of the battlefield it wouldn't be brought back in the next installment. Now 40k is more singular battles with no real consequence to loosing a model. I have known a few campaigns of the sort being done by the local games workshop but so far I have not found one that completely fulfills my fantasy.

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