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    Can anyone give me info & links about T-Trak? I just heard about it on this site a few days ago when I was looking for info on N scale traction. I want to do the alternate curves. The ONE site I know about this is:
    I want more ideas for how to build a T-Trak loop (with set up & running possible with just one person)? I want to build one for home use & taking it to the "Rail School" (my local NMRA club puts that on every jan. to encourage youngsters to join the hobby). Any advice?
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    The manual link, Jesso, was a wealth of information. Reading the walk-through of the benchwork helps me with my carpentry problem.
    I have seen google videos on T-Trak layouts, those were not as well done as I hope to (using my years of experiance) build mine. I think I know a better way of attaching a skyboard(cinsidering I work with an N-Trak group, but don't have the skills and space for even two N-Trak Moduals) That would be: 2 screws holes in the back, the board would have two holes in the same possition, hold the board there, insert screws & boom! you have a sky board.

    Keep the links coming please
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    You would not go wrong joining the yahoo group that was posted as well. Paul Musselman (the author of the unofficial manual) is a regular on that group. There's a ton of stuff in the files, photos, and links sections as well.

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