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Discussion in 'Modular Layout Forum' started by TrainGuyRom, Jan 31, 2009.

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    I think, since I will be moving in a few years, and have no layout, I might go T-Trak. If I do a home layout, I would just have to dismantal it when I just got started on scenery(my favorite part.) So, with T-Trak I don't have to do much woodwork, or heavy lifting, I can do scenery on a day off, I can just set it up in front of the TV without setting up a table, or worry about carpet fibers getting into the engines. My plan is to acheive MMR (Master Model Railroader: http://www.nmra.org/education/achievement/ap_master.html for more information.) entirly with portable N scale. also, I just want to show off my skill at train events, AND do switching operations. Now, for the operations, I would need a U shaped layout with a full yard, several industries, and a lot of space (about 11'x8'). so, start with 4 corners, and 4 straights. I want to use Santa Fe for the railroad, a small yard, and 1-3 industries.

    Now that is a lot of info. so, to sum it up: Santa Fe railroad running from a small yard around 4 corners, and 4 straights (2 of which to be a yard), doing a little switching at an industry or two & back, all on a T-Trak layout (53"x28.5").

    Is this doable on a budget for an experianced modeler? Can I get some advice? any other comments?
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    You're all over the map here. You had that other thread dealing with your interest in scratchbuilding in On30. What happened to that?
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    What certification will you be targeting? You have to achieve several. I'll go out on a limb and guess that N-scale is harder to achieve than other scales...you will find scratch building locomotives and cars much more difficult (although it is possible)...and super detailing them.

    The structures won't be a walk in the park either. The only easier part in n-scale MIGHT be the scenery since less is required.

    I would suggest going after one certification BEFORE making an MMR your goal.
  4. TrainGuyRom

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    I haven't come here in a while, sorry.
    Your right. N scale is harder to scratch build.
    And, yes I should go Golden spike before MMR. I still dream about it, but my skill is nowhere near good enough for MMR (although I do know a lot about trains.). Maybe in a few years.:sad:

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