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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by MT Hopper, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. MT Hopper

    MT Hopper MT Hopper

    I am just curious.
    Is anyone here going to try the new Japanese "T" scale (1/450 scale 3 mm gauge) railways models?
    Cheers from the Heart of the Continent
    MT Hopper
  2. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    I recently read a review emailed to me that was less than enthusiastic about the Tscale commuter train. Although really interesting, I know my kids couldn't handle the small wheel sets, and would not enjoy the lack of detail and scenery building possibilities. Still, it would be fun to have something that small as part of your hobby...but it seems like Zscale would do just as well and has much more manufacturer support.
  3. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    Not me, I have enough going with HO and On30.
  4. bill937ca

    bill937ca Member

    Too small for me. But this might be of interest.

  5. MT Hopper

    MT Hopper MT Hopper

    The part about the "herky-jerky" running matches up with what folk on other sites are saying. Still if YOU want to have an operating model railway inside your 1-48th scale model house, perhaps it would do.
    As for me I'll paraphrase Mr. Krause and say, Way too small for me, I'll stick to "O" scale and 1-35th scale thank you. If YOU have great eyes though, I am certain WE would all like to see your efforts in "T".
    Cheers from the Heart of the Continent
  6. Biased turkey

    Biased turkey Active Member

    At 59 years old, N scale is enough for my eyesight.

  7. ozzman

    ozzman New Member

    I'm sure I read somewhere that it's not only horrifically expensive, but also they don't make turnouts (at this stage anyway). A German company makes non-powered Zf ('f for feldbahn - feldbahn = industrial railway), with 3 mm gauge track. This would represent 26" gauge track in the prototype. There's track, turnouts, rolling stock and a tiny little diesel. I'm seriously thinking about including a bit in my planned Z Scale layout. I could post the url if anyone is interested.
  8. Bones

    Bones Member

    Same as most everyone else, I haven't gotten my hands on any T gauge yet. I am hopeful, though.

    Overall, the T scale effort seems to have been jump started pretty well.
    The company did a great job getting details, trains, track, and structures on the market at the same time.

    Right now the biggest issues are electrical pickup, poor eye sight, and fat fingers.
    It's nearly impossible to get in the US right now, without a Japanese friend. Remember, though, in time; it will come.

    Late in the developement phase, they added magnetic wheels to all pieces of rolling stock (powered or non) to increase power pickup. Sadly, it still isn't enough. Once you get that small, there just isn't anywhere to put much weight. (Rails were changed to steel, in conjunction with the magnetic wheels.)

    On the up side-
    I've read a report that a little time spent caring for these tiny mechanisms helps alleviate the herky jerky running. They still run lightning fast, but much smoother. I have personally wondered if rewiring the little guys with SMD capacitors might help. (2 units in each train are powered)

    The motors inside these little critters are reported to be coreless 4mm in dia. That is absolutely phenomenal. Yet another kit-bashing/scratch-building door has been opened with these tiny motors. They run at 3 volts, yes, but that's nothing that can't be corrected with just a simple resistor in series. (If you want to get slightly more complex; a SMD voltage controller might work and allow better performance.)

    Have you seen the details for this scale? They are higher quality than most mass-produced N/Z details. If you see a close up image and think to yourself "Wow, that's clunky and chunky. What were they thinking?"... Remember, this scale is TINY! The bicycles are barelly bigger than the date on a penny, and the pantographs - barelly bigger than the span of "In God We Trust". The vehicles, I haven't seen good photos of yet. I can't voice my opinion on them.

    One of the better blogs on the subject: 1:450
    -a few pictures on there showing a couple detail parts.

    -Just my take. This scale isn't even in its infancy yet. It's still an embryo! Let it develope...
  9. MT Hopper

    MT Hopper MT Hopper

    Thanks Bones ( why does saying that make me feel like William Shatner?).
    Thinking about how tiny those motors are AND having "played" with some of the wire with a memory stuff, I am truly beginning to suspect I will see nano technology become a reality in my lifetime. The medical, and spy, and mechanical inspection/repair application possibilities are mind boggling.
    Well I guess I won't rush to put an operating ("T"scale) model railroad inside my "O" scale house.
    Cheers from the Heart of the Continent
  10. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

  11. MT Hopper

    MT Hopper MT Hopper

    Thanks for the lead Sumpter.
    I modelled 1-35th scale armour and dioramas for about 40 years but as satisfying as it was ,it was inanimate. I also "strayed" out of the WWII era into Historical miniatures. Of course like many others I assembled and painted a fortunes worth of Historex plus Imrie-Risely, Rose, Greenwood and Ball etc.
    Because of the lead to the Kampfgruppe von Abt I ressurected the old idea (to me) of doing an armoured train in 1-35th. But first, I seem to have inadvertently committed to my former military minatures modelling breathern some "animation" for their public display this year. Now I either have to figure out how to motorize and actually run a 1-35th BR 52 or start building either a Henschel HF 110C or a Deutz HF 130C. Personally I preferr the schmalspurbahnen but given time constraints I'll go for the Deutz. The fuel stand you have at your GLC site should do nicely.
    Cheers from the Heart of the Continent.
    PS Yes I did the "airplane" thing too. Probably on the order of 350 models mostly RCAF with some Luftwaffe. I did it "commercially" on a local basis for awhile but it robbed me of my own hobby time so I "pulled the pin".
  12. Bones

    Bones Member

    The 1:450 blog was updated. Thought you might want to check it out.
    Two new posts. They're not my words, so all I can do is direct you there. :mrgreen:

    T gauge... I'm in (Eventually). Are you? :thumb:
  13. MT Hopper

    MT Hopper MT Hopper

    Thanks Bones for the heads up! Like you I can see it happening....eventually. I like his idea of a subway.
    What do you think about the 1/450th airport series? There is potential there. Imagine an architectural type layout, with animation!
  14. roch

    roch Member

    To small for me to work with. Maybe someday I will get one just to worsen my eyesite. sign1
  15. Bones

    Bones Member

    I'm not a big fan of modelling airports. It seems like some decent stuff, but I'm not really interested in it.

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