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  1. i have found a few ways to make this paper model look a lot better, one way is to use reflective tape inside or on some parts outside the model, windows , glued behind the cut out ports, and on the engines and other lit up parts like under the shuttle bay doors. even on the nacelle globes. it brings the model to life a little,
    the tape comes in just about every color and you can search for it at walmart or online.
    also the lighting can be done easily and there are really cheap ways to accomplish a decent spinning nacelle globe. i will go into detail to get my 10 posts on this, unit and parts by parts. anyone interested in this?
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    I am

    This sounds intriguing. I'm keen to see pics and hear how it turns out. I'm particularly interested in seeing what you come up with for the spinning nacelle effect. I plan on building this ship for my sister, who is a big star trek fan, and some extra details like this would be fabulous.

  3. t.o.s. 1701

    hey steve!

    i have some video of one i built. i reccomend that you build the larger edition that ron made. it is easier to make.
    im not sure how to attatch video to this reply, so i guess i will go get the url and reply again here with the link.
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    I would love to know how to get a spinning nacelle effect.
  5. ok
    here is one way. you need a plastic diamond the size of just under the width of the globe collar. o
    clear, amber or red will due well.
    now, go search blinky lights. you will find about an inch wide blinkys that are maybe a basket ball or a witch, in red or amber, the lights rotate on them.
    glue it all together except to the actual nacelle pole. slide it in with a collar of black paper or plastic sheet. in a tube.
    now, you just pull them out and the turn the battery on the back on, walla!
    easy as pie,
    you might have to buy a lot of them, to get one, try the mall if you got a big mall around.
    you can search
    electronic kits
    chasing red leds
    you usually get 6-8 to chase, in big red leds. you can change the leds to what you want as for color. just buy them.
    you will have to soldier them to ribbon wires, [pc ribbon wires]
    run them into the ship, up the struts to the leds,
    place fins between them or use the plastic diamonds in front and then globe as before, but you can permenant these . they usually take a 9 volt.
    if you need help for any of that let me know, after the first time you will be able to do it every time.
    i hope you know how to soldier!
    dont breath it!
    well, let me know. if you really cant find anything i will send you a kit, just let me know, i have a few of them lying around, but only in red.
  6. well the reflective tape works pretty good to put a little life in the paper models........
    also for running lites,.......a 9 volt flasher led from your local electronics shop will drive up to 6 or so leds at the same flash rate.
  7. i tried to post the video , if you send me a email at aquaboi@sbcglobal.net i will send you a video of the 1701 tos paper model i made. its short so dont worry about your mail box.
  8. star trek 12 ideas

    here is a few ideas for the new timeline movies or paper models.

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    Thanks for the tips this has definitely been added to my ever growing to do list!

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