T-800 endoskelton.

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    Hey Mouse.... I keep forgetting to ask you if staying on this thread was OK with you. I know you started this thread and I don't want to even think about filling it with my stuff unless you're ok with it. I was going to start another thread but it would just be another thread for the same kind of thing. I figured if I kept it here, I could draw from you and others who are taking on this project and we could all benefit from our work. Again, I appologize and will start another thread if you wish me to.
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    paying $212.17 US is just a little out of my price range....
    Not to mention my wife would KILL me and I have something of an aversion to death so thanks.... but no thanks. :mrgreen:
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    sure that's Okay. I wasn't using it anyway.... :mrgreen:
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    OK... here's the long and short of it. I finished the right hand in Solidworks and it looks really good but there's one problem. After unfolding one of the parts in Pepakura, it was insana... a million little cuts just for one part. Basically, the one part has too many faces. When I tried to lower the faces, vertices, etc... Solidworks only lets me lower it to a point but not enough. I even have tech support from Solidworks helping me. I used Autocad in the past and never had this issue with Pepakura. I may have to do everything in Atucad to get around this. It's a shame cause I would have loved to use Solidworks for this as it has a lot to offer.

    Here's an example. Create a simple sphere in Solidworks. Save it as an .stl file. My sphere has 6162 faces. Try unfolding that and see what you get. lol Now, take the same sphere and save it as an .stl file but hit the options key and lower the resolution as far as it will go. Now we have 2352 faces. Even though the resolution was lowered considerably, its still way not enough.

    Any input would be appreciated. lol
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    Saitki from Gremir models has a simple sphere generator, I've no idea if you can import the files or not, but it works for me. I'm guessing the ball joint at the wrist? that cant be more than 3/4" accross, probably less. Are you doing the hand from the first or second movie?
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    Hi Mouse,
    I'm doing the second movie. I used the sphere as an example but you are correct.... the ball joint is being a nightmare. The reason I chose the second movie is because that is where most of my ref material is coming from. I know I'm going to have to redo the model as I think I went a little too far with the detail. What would be nice is if I could get my hands on one the garage resin kits of the endo arm. This way I could just measure everything from there.
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    you can never go too far with the detail!! the trick is, I think, to leave the options open for a simplified version as well, if possible. While i'm on it, I'm not sure if fully articulated will work, as even Stan Winston had to cheat rather alot to make theirs work. posable, certainly, so at least you can finish it in the pose you want.

    anyway, I can't wait to see what you've come up with.
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    Is the kit still for sale and where.
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    Hi PaperAir,
    Yes the kit is still for sale. I came across the site last week. This first link is to the tutorial for it.


    This is where you can purchase it.


    If anyone does purchase this and would be willing to loan it to me to CAD up, I would appreciate it. This is just something I would not want to purchase for my own as it would just sit around.
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    thank you for the links.
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    started some work on the neck

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    had to put this up sign1

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    Count me in on your list Kcpstudio.
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    Just to let everyone know... I'm currently redoing th CAD file in AutoCad. I originally did the hand in Solidworks and found out that it doesn't allow you to to lower the number of faces enough to use Pepakura efficiently. I should have some pics to post within a couple of days. I was told to use Blender to lower the faces but I have no experience with that software and can't imagine learning yet other piece of software. sign1
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    kcpstudio thank you very much for doing this.

    This will be incredible. I would love to get a chance to work on the reworked t800 model.
    My email address is radneykim@gmail.com
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    CAD pic

    OK.... I started to CAD the hand again and have dropped the detail down considerably to basic shapes. This is some of the detail I got going into the finger. Just by looking at this pic, you can see how many parts it will have. I'll have pivot pins made out of paper as well to give us the articulation. Any suggestions would be very much welcome during this already long venture. sign1

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    Exellent. Well, at least you only really have to do one finger. I would recomend completing each major assembly and releasing them separately, so that the project dosn't become too overwhelming.

    keep up the good work, you're doing great.
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    This is really a COOL idea. I'd love to work on building one of these.

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