T-800 endoskelton.

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    Thought about the finishing options for this model over the weekend. Like Mousemuffins stated, the regular "chrome" paint doesn't like to actually dry and is VERY susceptible to fingerprints as a result. I use to build plastic models cars and used a decent product from Testors that resulted in a very convincing metal finish. It's the Metalizer paint from their Model Masters line. You can get it in either an aerosol can or pre-thinned bottles. They offer several finishes in the "Buffing Metalizer" line, especially one called "Aluminum Plate (Buffing Metalizer" (#B-1401 for bottle, #S-1451 for spray). Since these 3oz spray cans can be purchased for less than $5 each, this may be a cheaper, although not as convincing, alternative to the Alclad without the need of a perfectly smooth and gloss finish prior to application.

    Just an FYI.
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    More more more

    I want to see more of your Terminator as you go.
    Are you going to add more detail to this kit then what it comes with?
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    I've been reading through this and I have a question. I've seen (and purchased before) a card that is flat white on one side and a mirror silver chrome on the other. Would this be suitable for me to build one of these?

    What I mean is, Would it be suitable to take and hold the ink when I print it out? And, Would the glossy finish compromise the glue when I assemble it??

    As others here I've scanned mine to keep the original, and plan at some point to build a copy. I love what I'm seeing here but I'd like to just build it as simply as I can without going for a more "real" look. I thought at first this card I found would be great but I remembered hearing things about using glossy card stock for papermodelling.

    Has anyone tried this approach? I currently don't have the chrome card to do a test run but will if I don't hear anything back here. :)
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    I built the endo-rifle. it's a nice model. It ha Jan's usual, almost unneccessary attention to detail. The only thing I didn't like is the eay the barrels attach. That part of the main body could use some reinforcement as the larger barrel is almost too heavy for it.
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    But you can: GHOST MAKER

    ARMORMAN Guest

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    Thats about $34cdn.
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    I'm really hoping to get back on this model soon. The issue with the metal finish made me decide to take it slow and think it all through first. Besides, I got sidetracked with my 1:1 wearable paper Halo Master Chief armor. I hope to have it finished shortly after Thanksgiving and will have a thread on it.

    Has anyone else made any progress on this model? I'd love to see some updated pics.
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    I have started to do this myself by enlarging the print and spread over 4 A4size paper. That seem to make it lifesize. I will try to test build it on 160gsm inkjet paper and I will then build using 160gsm silver film paper especially designed for inkjet print. I have already test printed and it is nice but inorder to put it together, I've learned that I may have to use something lot stronger than my usual white glue.

    This may require lots of time, but when I can I will post some picture as how it looks like.
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    I would love to try this kit in the silver mirror card I used for the supercharger on my Interceptor, but the cheapest copy I have been able to find so far is about $65US which is WAY out of my price range... for now anyway.
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    jawdropDrool drool drool
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    Excelent model. Really very well made, I am waiting to see the 1:1 model. Can you post the link from wher I could buy this model? I am willing to make this one. I wonder how you guys find such models on internet, I am most of the times un able to find models like this one (so detailed and rare).
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    click on the space shuttle in the menu on the left and scroll down a bit... I'm assuming he has it in stock.

    As for where did I find it... someone on this forum posted a link to this site about a week ago and I spent a few hours drooling over a list of models that could seriously disrupt my ever-growing build queue.
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    Now the real trick
    Cand you find it for under $ 20.
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    I seriously doubt a model of that caliber would go for less than $50 at any time.
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  18. jaffro

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    He's been planning that one for a while, and releasing little tidbits... and then spending months on various other side projects. I can't see it being released any time soon, but no matter how long it takes it will be worth the wait as everything he touches turns to card model gold. :D

    As for the other kit, I'd gladly pay $60+US for it if I could afford to spend that much on a model kit, especially if it were a digital copy that I could upscale to 1:1 and stand the finished model up somewhere just inside the front door. :D
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    That would perhaps keep salesman away ... but your girl guide cookie supply would dry up rather fast as well.
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    T2 Game

    Does any one know if Nintendo is going to release the old T2 Arcade game to the Wii under the retro tittles and when?
    this was fun on the Super NES and I think it could be better on the Wii.

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