T-800 Chromed out!

Discussion in 'Dioramas & Displays' started by jacerc130, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. jacerc130

    jacerc130 New Member

    Here is a battle wasteland with 3 1/2 functional T-800's and one that's been dusted by the resistance. The T-800's have been painted chrome with a rich fire red to give them the right effect. LED's wouldn't have been good here as there is no where to hide the battery or switch! The landscape, skulls and building fragementes have been weathered to give that post apocalyptic feel.

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  2. astromech1138

    astromech1138 New Member

    sweet! I love the T-800's!
  3. jangoclone

    jangoclone New Member

    That looks really amazing, congratulations.
  4. munnrah

    munnrah New Member

    Really cool!!
  5. lytesabre

    lytesabre New Member

    Very nice! chroming and dio both look great.
  6. raser13

    raser13 Member

    thos t-800's are astounding.
  7. poroto

    poroto New Member

    wow amazing, suddenly I thought that it came
  8. raser13

    raser13 Member

    where did you get the pattern for the t-800?? btw breathtaking!
  9. amazing.
    were can we find the pattern.
    greet otto
  10. madchuck

    madchuck New Member

    wow great work !! love the chrome.
  11. Forensick

    Forensick New Member

    the detail is insane!
  12. stormwraith58

    stormwraith58 New Member

    Great detail... what type of paint did you use?
  13. devox

    devox New Member

    very nice terrain, as you said very post apocalyptic feeling.
  14. bigfan

    bigfan New Member

    Those are Toys from Terminator: Salvation
    Great job on the Diorama, one question though; Where's their Pulse Plasma Rifles in the forty-watt range?
  15. KGC

    KGC Member

    Fantastico diorama, adoro terminator!! :D
  16. Namrepus221

    Namrepus221 New Member

    Whoa. Awesome!

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