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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by wyverns4, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. wyverns4

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    I can remember using a swivel knife in a high school graphics atrs class many moons ago. I've never seen one since, but as I was cutting out some curved parts a few minutes ago, I was thinking of it. Does anyone use one for paper/card models? Here is a link to one:


    Keep building!
  2. Bengt F

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    X-acto Swivel Knife

    Hi Rick,

    Yes, I like to use the swivel knife for very minute round details, such as windows on space shuttles, lunar modules and aircrafts.

    For this purpose, I think this knife works very well if you work very slowly.
    I usually turn the sheet around in the desired direction of the cut line to ease the cutting and to be able to see that I am not cutting outside of the line.

    I think it´s a very good complement to the standard X-acto knife or scalpel.
    For ordinary use, I like the rectractable Swann & Morton scalpel with nr 11 or E11 blades.

    Bengt :wink:
  3. ETaylor

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    I've used this tool. It takes some getting used to, but you can get really good results from it. It works just like you think, and is really good for round things, just like you would think. Try it, see how it works.
  4. Stev0

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  5. ETaylor

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    I've also heard of something called a Olfa circle cutter. I heard about it in a RC car site, for cutting out wheel wells on a body. google it!
  6. paper warrior

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    Olfa circle cutters are just a cutter with a circular blade, if you want somwthing that cuts perfect circles just duct tape a scalple blade to the arm of a compass (not the one for use with maps).
  7. Bengt F

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    OLFA CMP-1 Compass/Circle Cutter


    The OLFA CMP-1 compass/circle cutter is a very handy (and relatively inexpensive) little tool. I saw it first in Eric Goedkoop´s scratchbuilding tutorial (see the "Parts Bin" on "Aviation and aircraft" under "Forums", in the top bar!).
    It´s easy to set and use and there are extra blades hidden in the handle (under the hinged metal cap in the picture below).

    A scalpel taped to a circle compass also works if it is a compass with an adjustable center screw - otherwise it might change during the cut and you´ll get an uneven circle
    I can´t live without it now!.

    Here´s a link to Olfa´s home page and the circle cutter: http://www.olfa.com/Products.asp?C=4&P=65

    An this is how it looks, nr 7 in this picture (photo, slightly cropped, by Eric Goedkoop):


    Good luck with your perfect circles!
    All the best,
    Bengt :grin:
  8. 46rob

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    I found this a few years ago in one of those "junk tool" bargain bins at a store down in Orlando--don't remember which. It cost $1.98 and holds an #1 knife handle perfectly (came with a small pencil stub).

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  9. Amazyah

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    One thing to remember, the Olfa circle cutter is designed to cut a circle with the blade held perpendicular to the page.
    A compass will have the blade held at an angle.
    The bigger the circle cut with the compass and the thicker the paper, the more of an angle you will have on the edge of your cut part.

  10. paper warrior

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    Oh that cutter, he said while hitting himself on the head.
  11. paper warrior

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    Or tape an x-acto knife to a beam compass.
  12. Bengt F

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    Hi paper warrior,

    Maybe I´m a bit slow but I don´t get it - please explain the joke . . .

    Bengt :???:
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    I have the OLFA CMP-1 and it works very well and is cheap ($7.00US). What I would like to know is how does everyone using a compass based cutter find the center? I know how to do it by geometry (two arcs on a cord >half the radius repeat with new cord.). is there an easier way? I end up having to take up a lot of space drawing arcs to locate the center.

    Designers: Please include a center target for the larger round parts. I understand that small (<1/4 ") would have to be hand cut. WIth most CAD programs you have have to define the center to draw a circle anyway. Please just add a mark for the center.
  14. speedless

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    My words completely,and this counts for all holes.Also please make scoring/folding line protrude the parts if possibel.(See Mr.Currels models)
  15. speedless

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    Like this?
    Works perfectly.

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  16. lrjanzen

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  17. 46rob

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    there a couple different center finders in the parts bin, towards the end of the forum. I use one from thime to time.....I'll try to remember to draw in centers on any circles in my designs in the future.
  18. paper warrior

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    There is no joke, you actually duct-tape a blade to a beam compass in place of a pencil led.
  19. Bengt F

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    paper warrior,

    Not that one, silly - I was reffering to your 'proverb' "Oh that cutter, he said while hitting himself on the head" which you wrote under the quote of my post.
    I´m not that stupid, you know.

    Bengt :grin:
  20. paper warrior

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    Oh, that post.

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