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    Dear Friends:

    Bon jour ! Gruetzi ! Buon Giorno ! I'm a novice card modeler who's just moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Just would like to know if there are any fellow enthusiasts in the Geneva / Vaud / East-Middle France area ?

    I'm a diplomat serving with the Philippine Mission to the UN, and am interested in card/paper/scratchbuilt modeling (and producing wargame models), and casting lead soldiers, from the following eras:

    Sci-Fi Spacecraft: 1/1000 and 1/2000-3000 (wargaming) scale
    Sci-Fi Planetary Forces: 1/72 and 1/300 scales
    Sci-Fi Figures: 20-30mm
    Naval Craft-WWI-Modern: 1/700 scale
    Aircraft - WWI-Modern: 1/72 and 1/300 (wargaming)
    Tanks / AFVs - WWI-Modern: 1/76 and 1/300 scales
    Lead Soldiers: Ancients, Medieval, 18-17th Century, WWI-WWII


    Cheers !

  2. sylcom

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    we are at least two
  3. SCEtoAux

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    Hello. Check out the following web site:

    Lots of different kinds of models and some leads to other sites with models.
  4. Kashiwazaki

    Kashiwazaki KASHIWAZAKI SENA FAN!!

    Me, I'm from Kanton Wallis (Valais canton). It's OK for you?? :p

    Counting three swiss!

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