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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Virginian, Feb 12, 2001.

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    Picture a frownin' smilie scratchin' his head...Hey y'all, I'm trying to remember another brand of switch besides Atlas...good ones...shamus, you mentioned them in one of your posts, but I can't find the one...I looked at the damn things at one of my local
    hobby shops....I should have listened and followed my own instincts...instead, I thought of my 'wallet' and now I'm fed up with the Atlas stuff [​IMG]...and after reading Art's post about his experience trying to get a reply from them about the 'bad' ones that burned up on him... [​IMG] .. well, 'nuf said...soon as I can find out the Brand name, I'm gonna find out who's got 'em around here. I'm talking about track switches, not elec. circuit switches..I've got the lowdown on those. Any other suggestions?
    See ya,
    Virginian [​IMG]
  2. The track switches you are thinking of are probably PECO, made in England, which come in Code 80 (same as Atlas) and Code 55. PECO makes all kinds of switches, including curved ones. The Cadillac of switches are Micro-Engineering, but they come only as No. 6's, in Code 70 and Code 55. They are the only ones with scale size ties and tie spacing.
  3. shamus

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    Hi Virginian
    Code 55 finescale are the ones we were talking about from PECO, the PL10 motor fits underneath like a glove.
    PECO is sold all over the world.
  4. George

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    Hi Virginian.

    Shamus is right with Peco. Fine craftsmanship. Shinohara is incredible as well. The price will take your breath away as well!

  5. Virginian

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    Peco...Yep, that's the one!
    [​IMG]...<Atlas, so far!!! The only exception is my little Trainmaster...it seems to be doin' fine...running, at any rate...detail of construction is another matter. Too bad that seems to be the most available manufacturer 'round here... [​IMG]
    Hey, I'm learning so much.."This is great"!!(any movie buffs out there?...what film is that line from?)
    Thanks guys.
  6. shamus

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    Now your back on the right TRACK
  7. BobMcD

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    Regarding the movie quote--I was waiting to give someone else a chance to ID it, but it's DEFINITELY Dan Ackroyd, after sliding down the fire pole in Ghostbusters. Come on guys, some of us have to get out more often!

  8. Virginian

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    Hey Bob,
    That's one, but not the film I was thinkin' of...goes with "..like the 60's.."
  9. shamus

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    Virginian, have you got your Peco track & turnouts yet, there is a model shop near me thats doing a sale on these due to the shop changing area's, if you want me to see about them and posting it to you, I'll get in touch with the shop again. The cost to post would be in the region of $15 to the USA.

    let me know soon


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  10. Virginian

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    Hi shamus,
    I have a source for Peco turnouts locally. As soon as I take care of some unfinished business, I'll have time to get down there to buy a few. Thanks for your thoughtfulness just the same.I really appreciate that you would go to all that trouble [​IMG]
    By the way, the next step has begun...I couldn't find half inch insulation board, so I'm going to try 3/16th foam core artist board. I don't see any reason why that wouldn't work, except for thickness maybe. I'll keep looking for the insulation board.
    I have cork roadbed strips to put down as well...I'll keep you posted.
    I hope to be able to send you a track plan in a week or so; it will have wiring diagrams included for your critique,if you would be so kind.
    Thanks for your support [​IMG]
  11. shamus

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    Hi Virginian,
    3/16th foam core artist board. Better you than me.
    If you cannot find insulation board, try Sundela, more expensive, but more reliable.

  12. Virginian

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    HI shamus,
    Hmm, another product to strike out trying to find around here..oops, another americanism, sorry.
    I'll see if I can find some.
    I did locate an 'insulation board', of sorts...they call it 'sound board' at one the local lumber stores. Made in Canada...I suspect it has a high peat content. I bought a couple of 4X8 sheets...I'll use it to insulate my garage/shop if I find it's too rough for the Railroad...(or the odor can't be primed out)
    About that "3/16 artist foamcore, better you than me" ... is there something you're not sayin'?? Since I still haven't located the recomended material, I'm gonna give it a try...I'm not ready for a 'permanent' layout yet anyway. Unless it melts down or something, maybe it will work o.k. for the 5'X4' table top layout I'm working on [​IMG] Oh, by the way, I should have a 'finished' plan in a few days. I'll get it to you as soon as I can..it will eventually develop into a second plan. The first:a simple, 'level track' plan, the other a full layout drawing, inc. side view/elevation, grades, mountains, creeks, river,tunnel, several track elevations,a road over the mountain top, small town,classification yard/buildings, coal mine...and lots of 'hardwoods'...
    O.K. enough for now. Please let me know if there's something specific about foamcore that I should avoid it at all costs, at least for my little interim project...I'm sure I'll find a more sturdy material for the larger layout to come.

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  13. shamus

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    Hi Virginian,
    You said you had some sound board, tell me, has it got a sort of white face one side and nothing on the other, if it has, thats insulation board.(Sound) Use it for your railroad white side up.
    The artist foamcore just won't be much use. At first it will be fine, but over a period of time (2 months) it will warp. The only way possible would be to put 3/4" ply underneath it, and glue the lot together. Fine for just a table top without lifting the tracks to gain height.

    But for a cookie/cutter module, this isn't going to work as you cannot lift up the 3/4" ply for grades.

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  14. Virginian

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    Hi sahmus...yep, that's the stuff, except I bought the un-faced board..it was about $4 a sheet cheaper...I'll be using acrylic gesso to prime both sides and edges, to seal the fibers and mask the odor. The real problem is roughness...that's the other reason I didn't buy the 'white coat'...it was quite rough textured on the white side. The plain faced seemed much smoother as well as cheaper. I'll us it if I can't find some Homasote or a suitable foam insulation board within the week... (weight might be a factor at this stage).
    I bought what seems to be a good introductory book today...Model Railroader Books' "N scale Model Railroading", that has a foam board on plywood based layout as a demo...looks interesting..I'll keep you posted.

    I understand about the foamcore...kind of figured it out by experimentation...but I have an unstretched oil painting to mount, so it's not a waste... [​IMG]
    Well, it's late...catch ya on the next run.

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