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    I took these yesterday. You can see the Skytrain track above them. I'm really surrounded by trains where I live. Anybody know anything about these? Like, do they come in HO or N? :)



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  3. Matthyro

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    Neat photos Shaywen
  4. ENR3870

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    The lead unit is an SW1200, as was mentioned above. The trailing unit is an SW1500 and is also available in HO through Athearn.
  5. CN_Pete

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    There are many available from Athearn, I just picked one up exactly the same . Runs great.
  6. Arlaghan

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    Shaywen, Life-Like makes an AWESOME SW9/1200 in both N and HO (I own an N scale one). And I can tell you that it runs incredibly smooth, can pull a TON of cars and is very nicely detailed. It can even (with some work though) be converted to DCC.

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