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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Kevinkrey, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Kevinkrey

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    I have used #6 turnouts but to save space, I want to know how well #5's would work with an SD45T-2 and taconite cars, dont think the cars make a big difference. I thought #4 were the equivilent to 18" radius, if this is true, how about #5, would #5's save alot of room on a ladder track compared to #6?:confused:
  2. Ralph

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    I'm thinking the short ore cars will have no problem, especially if they have body mounted couplers, but the six axle diesel might (might being the operative word). Maybe it would be worth your time and money to buy a couple of 5's and mock up a ladder to experiment?
  3. PWRR-2207

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    Go with a #5...

    I vote you go with the #5 turnouts. I did a mock-up test, worst case scenario (turn ends crossover) with my U36C and it derailed 1 out of 3 times without cars on the #4-#4. The U36C, even with a 6 car linked inter-modal trailer carrier coupled to it, had no problem going through a #5-#5 crossover. Here is a visual size comparison:

    Nr 5 vs Nr 4 Swtich size.jpg

    Foreground - Atlas Code 100 #4's (theoretically a 15" radius curve)
    Middle - Shinohara Code 83 #5's (theoretically a 26" radius curve)
    Backround - besides the clutter, the U36C 6 wheels/truck test subject

    PS: I went with #5's as a ladder in my small 3 rail yard when I rebuilt my layout instead of the #4's - mostly to avoid structure problems with the framework and the Tortoise switches as part of the DCC conversion but it has made for smoother operations with larger engines and longer cars.
  4. Kevinkrey

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    Ok, Ill use #5, how long might a ladder track be if there are 4 tracks (3 switches) with maybe 2.5-3 inches from track centers on the yard tracks?
  5. PWRR-2207

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    ...NR 5 Alive!

    Since you asked, please see picture below:

    4 track 3 Nr5 turnout ladder.jpg

    Smallest - turnouts connected to turnouts (2" between spur centers)
    Middle - 2" track spacers between turnouts (2.5" between spur centers)
    Largest - 4" track spacers between turnouts (3" between spur centers)

    Note: Add 1" to overall area width in picture if you need to take ballast spread beyond roadbed into account.
  6. brakie

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    The Atlas Custom Line #4 switch will work as well and they are smoother in transition then the #5.

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  7. Triplex

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    The Custom-Line #4 is really a #4.5.
  8. brakie

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    I have not seen any data concerning that and will take your word for it but,Atlas bills it as a Custom Line #4 switch and in order to avoid any confusion I called it by its proper name.
  9. wpyr

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  10. Kevinkrey

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    Brown is the standard color for most code 85 track, like Atlas track that is used in the picture right Brakie?
  11. TruckLover

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    Correction, Code 83 track sign1

    And yes your right Kevin, Atlas C83 track has brown ties, Atlas C100 track has the black ties.

    Larry also weathered his track and rails. Looks good by the way Larry :thumb: :thumb: :mrgreen:
  12. Kevinkrey

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    Opps, typo.:p
  13. TruckLover

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