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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by trainsteve2435, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone, im intrested in useing a switch list to operate my layout. Does anyone know where i could find any information about how to incorporate this into my layout? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ralph

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    Would you be interested in how we use switch lists at work?

  4. Ralph, thanks for the link, i really found it intresting. Greg, i would welcome any and all information you could provide me, and many thanks to both of you guys!
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    Greg, I would be interested in your switch lists also.
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    Ok, I'll grab some at work, since I can't seem to find the ones at the house. :( Anyway there are a couple different types of lists. I'm thinking you are interested in the ones we use to actually switch with. Basically the list tells you what's in the track and the order they are. Usually the lists we work with start with car #1 being the west car in the track. The yard master can flip the list and have it start with the east car. The list also tells you the reporting marks, number, load or empty and destination. The destination can be an industry or next yard it's scheduled to go to.

    I guess another question I have is how your layout is designed. Do you have staging yard/s that you store trains in? Or do you move cars from one industry to another in a closed circle so to speak? Some fine layouts simulate coal from the mine to the power plant and empties back to the mine. Other layouts have off layout destinations for the cars to go to. Those usually are simulated with staging yards. Interchange with other railroads can be simulated the same way.

    Do you want to work with lists on paper? Or use car cards and carry a bundle of them as you run your train serving the industries on your layout? Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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  8. Ralph

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    That's a nice example of a switch list form. Thanks!
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    O thank them. I don't think that I've had an original thought in years. :p


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