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    hi all
    I very much enjoyed reading the article on the Ju87. But I see there is still the trouble over swastikas. Hannets of Lowerstoft u.k. can supply sheets of swastikas in all scales in transfers. they are onthe net.
    I hope this helps
  2. wunwinglow

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    The items stocked by Hannants will most likely be waterslide transfers (decals), the same as you get in plastic kits. Remember you have to soak the carrier paper to activate the glue on these products, and usually water and paper models don't mix too well! If you seal the model with an acrylic varnish lacquer, I am sure it would work very well, however.

    Hannants website is another of those that will draw you in, and days later you will emerge, dazed and very poor...... You have been warned!!

    Tim P
  3. 57townsman

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    Waterslide decals work great on smooth shiny paint/plastic. They may be rather disappointing on paper, even if coated. Rather than apply the decal to the paper, why not scan the sheet, print, cut, and glue?


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