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  1. Atomsk

    Atomsk Member

    Has anyone used Zarkov's Surfmaster?

    I'd be interested in any advice about the usability of this package.
  2. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Hi Atomsk,

    no, I have not used this software, to be honest the price and requirement for another package (AutoCAD etc) has put me off rather. I have access to Rhinoceros as well, which in version 3 has much-improved unrolling commands. I did notice a price reduction on Dr Zarkhovs website, so maybe someone else has taken up the offer and can chime in with a report. From the pdf documents on the site, it looks to be a very powerful set of tools, designed specifically for paper model design.

    Tim P
  3. murban

    murban Member

    I am using Surfmaster for my models. I had some CAD experience before I started designing models, so I could put it to good use after a short period of learning.

    The software itself does the job very well, but it lacks on the documentation and it is a little unstable if you do something wrong - and support is... well... don't count on support too much.

    I am happy with it though.

  4. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Hi Micheal,

    We Will happy if u can show some of your work what come from surfmaster :D
  5. murban

    murban Member

    hi NOBI,

    you can see the final results of my work at

    I was asked to describe how I am designing the models and so I am in the process of putting together an article about how it is done (how I do it...).

    I will post here when it is ready.

  6. tausugAir

    tausugAir Member

    Surfmaster Woe

    Hi, there Michael:

    Is the tutorial still forthcoming? It would really be a great generous (on your part) contribution to the card modelers' world!!! ..

    As a "guru" in the use of SurfMaster, I'd like to ask for help on clarifying installation of the SurfMaster. Must there be anything to do if one would install on a new a PC system (desk top) a previously installed SurfMaster? I was thinking along the line of AutoCAD in that all one has to do is to key in the CD Key, Authorization Code and one can install it from one's own pc to another own... I've installed my SurfMaster on my ACER Lap Top. But, when I installed on my desk top it's giving out a new ID Number, different from my earlier ID Number (as per previous installation) and is asking for a new Authorization Code which I don't have, matter of factly! Whatever I do to it in making it accept my ID number and Auhtorization Code, it just wouldn't listen to me. (yes, I did contact the ModelArt Support Group and the good Doctor but I still have to receeive reply)... Are you experiencing this with your SurfMaster?....

    Best regards....


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