Surfduke's Skylab - An Ongoing Research Project

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by jparenti, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    Update: My job has interrupted the test building for the last week. (Don't you hate it when that happens!) Plus I'm hoping to receive the David Weeks technical drawings soon, which will do wonders for fitting some of the bits together.
    I've also received another excellent reference book in the mail, with plenty of good drawings and photos I've never found before on the Internet: NASA SP-400: Skylab, Our First Space Station, by Leland F. Belew.
    Highly recommended for those of you who are interested in the inner workings of the Skylab program. :)
  2. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Keep it up sir!!! It's going great!!! bounce7
  3. lancer525

    lancer525 Member

    When I was a kid, when she was still flying, and especially after the third crew left, I remember thinking "God, what a terrible way for the Apollo program to end. They need to keep building Saturns, keep sending crews, and they especially need to make sure that thing doesn't fall out of the sky!" Lo and behold, Great American Apathy took hold, cynicism became the in-thing of the day, and nearly ten years to the day after Neil and Buzz walked, she came crashing out of her home environment to an ignominious end in the South Pacific and Australasia. "What a damn shame" I thought at the time...

    Now, with your most EXCELLENT work, she is coming back to life, in all her glory, not to be forgotten, not to be ignored, and most of all to be looked at and admired!

    If I were wearing a hat, I'd take it off to you...

    When you're finished, please let us know where we can find your instructions and this great model.
  4. JNDesign

    JNDesign New Member

    Looks like you're doing a great job so far. I'm tackling one of Surfduke's creations as well, the 1/48 Mercury Atlas. I'm building it as a display version and I'm modifying it heavily, so I'm not so lost, but the mods have their own set of problems. :) Keep up the good work.

  5. jgderuvo

    jgderuvo Member

    Well, technically, it ended with Apollo-Soyuz. But Skylab stayed up a few years after that. Remember when it reentered over Australia. Quite a lightshow. Sad we couldn't save it. It would've been a great way to train for the ISS.

  6. ovation

    ovation Member

    My 1/64 SkyLab model has been creaping along,but to the point of stopping :rolleyes:
    here's a close up of my unfinished "1'st draft" of surfdukes version (don't look too close :oops:)

    As you can see I had to make the truss out of rolled paper as I realy couldn't understand the original models ones,
    the ATM isn't glued on so the orientation may well be wrong,
    The idea was and still is to remake the model once its finished using the knowledge of the 1'st build wall1 :mrgreen:
    Its been a hard model so far,so I sympathise with any SkyLab model builder :mrgreen:

    JJ.. (JJ-UK)
  7. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Nothing wrong with rolled paper truss members (actually very accurate modelling). Several layers of bond paper glued and rolled up usually makes a stronger piece that trying to roll or fold thicker card. Looks vary good so far.
    Here's a thought - take all the lessons from version 1 and work up a set of directions, comments, and corrections for Surf Duke's model (lack of said is a common lament on these pages) and post that as a thread or download. I think it would be a very popular topic.

  8. gpw

    gpw Member


    looks really good so far. Show some more photos.
    I agree with Yogi - you should start a build thread, with instructions. :thumb:

  9. SAustin16

    SAustin16 Member


    Excellent job on a complex model Your rolled paper truss members look very realistic.

    Keep it up.
  10. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    I'm hoping that between a few builders, we'll be able to finally provide some instructions.
    I'm still waiting for my blueprints in the mail. Large, technical diagrams. :)
  11. zot

    zot Member

  12. ovation

    ovation Member

    Untill I started the model I had no idea there was a truss that held the airlock into the shroud,
    and looking at all those sheets of paper I just got more confused the more I tried to make sence of it :rolleyes:

    Are the David Weeks blue prints available in the UK ? as Id love to get them,

    JJ.. (JJ-UK)
  13. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    Thanks zot. Any and all diagrams, pictures, etc are very helpful. The forward truss is indeed the biggest problem, and the more views the better.
    For blueprints (a copy of which I am waiting on myself): Try looking at under Drawings. I'm not certain if he ships to the UK, but I'm sure he does.
    So far, ovation, you're coming along great. I myself am going to use rolled paper tubes instead of the kit parts, which seem a little less sturdy. I made an aborted attempt to use paper lollipop sticks, which didn't work out as planned.

    UPDATE: I spoke with the owner of RealSpace Models, and it appears that my Skylab drawings were undelivered by the post office and not returned to him yet, due to the post office's error. He is sending me another set, and I should have them next week. :thumb:
  14. ovation

    ovation Member

    Have you seen thats where I got a lot of help from,although the shroud area has been "averaged" rather than showing the truss and details,its still a fantastic model,
    The model maker goes on a few other model forums Ive come across and was helpfull to me,

    JJ (JJ-UK)
  15. firefox

    firefox New Member

    :wave:great looking model!
  16. ovation

    ovation Member

    Il mention,rather than use the printed version,I bought some very shiney gold xmass wrapping paper and used that for the gold body,I then overlayed the other detail strips,
    It looks a lot better,

    Not that its finished yet :cry::mrgreen:

    JJ.. (UK)
  17. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    I tried something similar with metallic gold cardstock. It does in fact look a lot better with a metallic finish.
    Not that I am done, either. I'm still pretty stuck with the forward truss. And I never did get my blueprints -- my shipment was "lost" in the mail, twice. I gave up on that route. :(
    If anyone wants to add any information, feel free to do so. And build pics! If you build any part of this model, share your results. I'll make another stab at this model in the next few weeks myself.
  18. ovation

    ovation Member

    I cut lots of strips of paper and stuck them together until it looked ok,
    it took a while but it was back and forward between images of the actual truss before I was happy enough,

    The best site I used was the one I posted the link to above,

    JJ.. (UK)
  19. Nath Smith

    Nath Smith New Member

    good luck with this one!:cool:
  20. Dino Josh Lee

    Dino Josh Lee New Member

    Surfduke's model are realy great looking but seem a bit problemmatic in assembly

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