surfdukes cm docking probe

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    has anyone built this little part and have pictures:-?
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    Null, can't help with your request, but wondered what the 1st Biggest ****hole in Kent was? I went to Ashford once.......

    Tim (Frum Baff, Zumerzet)

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    dartford is the biggest
  4. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    There is a numbered elevation.....

    I included a numbered elevation page. It should give the views You need, (If not p.m. Me, and I can try to answer the question You have).


    NULLMOON Member

    a progress shot for your trouble:)
  6. Amazyah

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  7. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    I was wrong!

    I thought You where talking about the ASTP Docking tunnel. Sorry I got it wrong. David Hanners is working on what You need. I will email him and see if He has a picture to share. If no,t I will do a quick assembly sketch.

    BTW, Your Build Looks GREAT!!


    NULLMOON Member

    i can wait for the little details while build the bigger parts sm up next i have no heat sheild as the cm will be attached to the cm permantly..another note for anyone building the inteirior with the hatch closed it cant be seen very well :roll: so you may want to simplify it i thoght about it being opened but it didnt make sense for the spacecraft to be flying to the moon with the door wide open:grin:
  9. dhanners

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    I should mention that I decided not to build the docking probe assembly. (To update everyone on the saga, I built Apollo 7, which didn't have a probe assembly, but after I got it done, I discovered that Apollo 7 also didn't have a High-Gain Antenna, the CM EVA handles and and the docking ring. So I figured that if I went ahead and scratchbuilt a probe assembly, I'd just call it "Apollo 11" and be done with it. But then I came back to the thought that the reason I built the thing in the first place was to commemorate the late Wally Schirra, so I stuck with the Apollo 7 and removed the HGA, EVA handles and docking ring. I had to scratchbuild the forward tunnel hatch, which I did last night. I'll probably take photos of the "fixed" model and post them tonight.

    That said, you'll find great and helpful stuff here: and in particular, you will find every detailed diagram of the probe assembly you will ever need here:

    I may still build a probe assembly for another CSM I might do. I still have that HGA that I spent a few hours on, and it seems a shame to let it go to waste....

    NULLMOON Member

    1 more q...
    were does the handhold on the sheet with the top of the cm go?
  11. dhanners

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    I wondered the same thing myself, Nullmoon. (And, by the way, great work so far on your CM!)

    When the CM carried external handholds, it had five. Four were EVA handholds, and a fifth was on the hatch.

    The forward tunnel hatch had two handles on the exterior, but they were a different design from the EVA and main hatch handles. In photos, the forward tunnel hatch handles almost look like handles on a suitcase.

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    so is the cm alined with the sm? sorry about all the qestions
  13. dhanners

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    The good news is, your model looks great so far. The not-so-good news is you're still going to have to build the heat shield, or at least part of it, because that's what answers your question about how the CM is aligned with the SM. The CM is actually raised a bit, and you can see the curvature of the heat shield.

    If your question about alignment dealt with where features on the CM line up with features on the SM, check out and you'll get all the info on the +Y, -Z, -Y and +Z coordinates you'll need.
  14. Hans Christian

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    Its very shiny... :-D

    What material did you use for the capsule?
  15. dhanners

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    Here are some photos of my "fixed" Apollo 7 (as per my earlier description) and I would've put them in the Gallery, but I still can't upload photos to the Gallery, for some reason.

    I'll be interested to hear what Nullmoon used for his CM. In this case, I used a cast-coated text paper by Wyndstone called "aluminum lines." I figured it would replicate the Kapton tape of the CM fairly well. It is a fairly thin paper, so I built a CM out of normal cardstock, then covered it with the Wyndstone paper.
  16. Hans Christian

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    hmmm... aluminum lines... I haven't seen this one in our local school/art supplies and bookstores... or maybe I wasn't looking hard enough...
  17. George B

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    Hope this helps with regards to handle placement.

    NULLMOON Member

    ahh just above the window thanks as for the heat sheild i just curled in the edges on the cm to simulate the edges of the heat sheild it dosent really show thogh..the cm body is too thick for the heat sheild edges to create a smooth curve im not going for museum standard here just a decent looking model

    NULLMOON Member

    the shiny stuff is in my "chrome apollo post"

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