Super Sized NBSG Viper MK-II

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by MTK, Apr 24, 2011.

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    I've been reworking the unfold and working on the textures.... See below.

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  3. MTK

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    Just about got this wrapped up and ready to go along with several others. Sorry for the delay.
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  5. Zathros

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    This thing absolutely rules. I am downloading it. I am going to try and build it. You happen to know my plate is full, but this is absolutely excellent!!
  6. MTK

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    Glad you like it Zathros. Let me know if you need any help, or get caught up on part of the build and need a pointer.
  7. paulhbell

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    I've downloaded both files for this and printed off the PDF, so I guess that means I'm gona give it a go. I am going to try and build it as I've downloaded it, no mods.

    I have printed it on A4 for now, so half size, if all go's well with the build I reprint on A3. I will post progress reports in this thread if thats ok with you MTK.
  8. MTK

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    Excellent, absolutely, please post your progress pics, can't wait to see it.:thumb:
  9. Vipers

    Thank u finally a bigger viper to build and detail.

  10. blaar

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    I also downloaded this and want to build it, but I can see there are a couple of problems with the model. Biggest problem is there seems to be quite a bit of overlapping parts.

    Some parts also extend past the edge of the paper guide line. That is not an issue for those who have the designer version but might cause problems for others.

    Also not to diss your work or anything, but I have downloaded a couple of your models and the overlapping parts seem to be evident in most of your models. (Also see Nuka Cola Truck from Fallout NV - Example the wheels). Do you just import the models into Pepakura and then unfold it, or to you first clean the mesh a bit and then import. Only reason I am asking is maybe I am missing the way the models is meant to be built.

    Do you mind sending me the original mesh and texture so that I can tinker a bit with it. (not the PDO )


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  11. MTK

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    Glad you like it. Can't wait to see someone build it.
  12. MTK

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    No blaar... I've stated on more than one occasion that I only have the free version of Meta and do not have the option of some of the editing tools, at least I don't think so... I need to go back through a couple of tutorials and make sure.

    For the most part the over lapping parts are simple to rectify on the fly, but I suppose I'm going to have to stop thinking like that, I know there are younger people and those that are easily confused, so I'll have to start addressing that issue, or just quit doing it all together until I can create the type of models that even the least experienced modeler can make.

    Please send me a PM with your e-mail and I'll send you the bundle of files that goes with this as well as the improved textures etc...:thumb:

  13. paulhbell

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    I noticed the over lapping parts as well, but I was still going to finish the build. I also saw that some of the parts aren't completly inside the printing area on the PDO.

    I've nearly done the body and there has been no major problems. I'll get a photo up later today.

    forgot to say a couple of tabs need cutting off as well, not a big deal.
  14. MTK

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    Can't wait to see the photos. There are duplicate tabs on both side, if that's what you mean, I figured that was a no-brainer... If some of the parts are not completely inside the area that's just because I'm trying to go as big as possible with the available paper sizes, again... I figure that people are able to figure out the simple stuff. I will endeveavor to do a better job. Thnks for the positive and constructive input, I really can't wait to see what you've got. I had mine printed, but for some reason they didn't print "Fit to Page" and it came out smaller that the original version.

    Blast it all!

  15. MTK

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    You know, I don't even think about the moron modeler, you know, the guy that couldn't build a box if you gave him directions. I'm really terribly sorry if I assume to much, but I do expect people to think for themselves and to have some idea as to how to build a model.

    I think that after the last few comments and the last few models that I've put out, that there a people that know very well how to make the simple corrections that I already expect from someone with a brain, but they want to make an issue out of nothing.

    Sorry, if my models are not perfect, perhaps I'm coming from a different perspective. I guess I think that people are smarter than they really are.
  16. ThunderChild

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    What you provide look great MTK, but I'm not sure it's about dumb and smart modelers. TBH I don't think there is such a thing as a "moron modeler".
    You may get casual modelers, but I think anyone is capable of building a model if they have the right motivation...
    I think ALL modelers can figure out for themselves how to correct the overlap errors inherent in most game-ripped models.

    Speaking for myself, I'm just lazy. If I come across a lot of parts that don't fit each other, I just figure it's not worth the hassle.
    There are too many models in my collection that I want to build. I'll never build them all in this lifetime and I personally don't want to spend even more time making them fit when I can just move onto the next model.
    With real life and my own model designs, I just can't add the extra time to my already limited modeling time.

    As a designer, I'm a perfectionist, and seldom release a model unless I'm certain it's as near to perfect as I can achieve with the meager skills I have. I also try and test-build them myself as much as possible.

    To each his own.
    For me it's quality over quantity. For you it's releasing as many models as possible to reduce the number models that are not available yet and are being asked for by many people.

    Please don't take this post in a negative light. If only one person get's to build and enjoy a model you have provided, it's all worth it, and you have permission to be proud.:mrgreen:

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next! :wave::thumb:
  17. paulhbell

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    I think thats a bit harsh, I'm not a moron modeler. I was just trying to help by pointing out a few small errors. I stopped all my other builds to try and prove that one of your builds CAN be made, just to try and help you out.

    I didn't say the problems wern't workable. But I don't know how to use any of the 3D programs, so I was just going to continue building all the parts then just cut the main body to fit.

    If this is how you treet your beta builders (by calling them names) when they point out minor errors, I'm not sure it's worth carrying on with the build.
  18. MTK

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    Yeah, you're both right. I suppose I should just take a break from things for awhile. I get burnt out and over do it in real life, then write things I would normally think better of. My appologies to anyone I might have offended. I'm going to take some time away from this stuff.

  19. Millenniumfalsehood

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    It's no big deal. I think we're all just spoiled by the wealth of models that were designed from the ground up to be kits as opposed to unfolds like your models.

    Metasequoia's shareware version isn't that expensive though ($45 I think). It would really help your models if you bought it.
  20. Aussie Phantom

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    Thank you very much!

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