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  1. dr_hemlock2

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    well introduction lets see i am an old guy trying to build models in a new world that cost too much. i have obsessive compulsive disorder so i am into everything and have many oars in the water. I love programming computers and building models of all breeds. i raise scorpions and tarantulas to many to name one by one,one dog a dachshund (Copper) and one turtle (Hercules). i enjoy Anime, movies i do art in all media and enjoy science at all and i mean all levels. i especially love building things with my hands thus the model thing. i enjoy rocketry also. i am retired air force (disabled) but functional pretty much. i enjoy life and the people involved with it i love to share ideas on any subject and like to help people. that is about it
  2. Floyd

    Floyd Member

    Welcome :wave:
  3. roch

    roch Member

    Welcome doc,
    I thought I had too much going on. If you enjoy it just do it I say. I hope you stick with trains and keep on board.

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