Summoner Battlemech

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  1. Here are a few photos of the third and final of my 'Mech builds from :( - the Summoner, sometimes referred to as the Thor, Battlemech. He's made up of 25 parts on 3 pages, and was a fun and easy build. I wish there were more of them available at the site, but it seems the designer has his priorities, and right now designing card models is not at the top of the list.
    Like the other two in the series, the Mad Cat, and the Daishi (Dire Wolf), I found the artwork, design, and assembly instructions to be first rate. Unfortunately, all that detailed artwork is wasted on my crappy old Lexmark printer, as everything appears soft and fuzzy. I wish she would just die so I could justify buying a printer that's more conducive to card modelling, but she IS a dependable old gal, so I'll probably get to make many more blurry models before she finally gives up the ghost.
    I built the Summoner straight from the box as it were, with the exception of the cockpit glass which I glossed up with a few coats of thickened Future floor polish. To set him off, I made a dislay base of black mat board, and printed out a (blurry) Battletech logo from the net that I thought complemented the piece. These are small models, this guy measures a diminutive 6.25 inches tall including the base, but for their small size there is a lot of detail packed in, and I highly recommend the series - they're not too hard for beginners, and are a satisfying excersise for journeymen builders.

    Coming at you


    3/4 view


    Heading away


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    Very well displayed. I like how you mounted it.
  3. rlc321

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    very nice model now gonna have to build it soon

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