Suggstions about this trackplan?

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    JOJOLINO New Member

    Hi Gauge,

    I'm a guy from germany and I feel free to post here too.
    Please excused my bad english, but I hope all can understand me???
    I love american Railroads and I hate wired tracks (electical Trains like about 95% in europe)
    Here is my trackplan witch is sectional, so I can transport my layout to another home if necessarily!
    The hole size is 16x13 feet (I think in meters..)
    The right sections, the loop with the two yards are ready layed with tracks, all other sections are planned.
    At the upper left corner of the right sections (there is a blind track to see) I will add diesel shops and eventually a turntable.
    I will create the year 1964 with only diesels.
    At this time my rolling stock is ATSF and UP, but I consider if I should create my own company and prepaint my rolling stock???
    Are any ideas or suggestions about the plan and about my ideas?


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  2. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Welcome aboard JOJOLINO!
    We have folks from all over so please do feel free to join in. I like your layout plan. You'll find plenty of ATSF and UP fans here but plenty who freelance their own railroads. Say, how about enjoying the best of both worlds by creating a short line or bridge route with its own identity and logo that can serve the UP and ATSF? I'm sure I speak for others here when I tell you we love to see pictures of people's layouts! Best wishes!

    JOJOLINO New Member

    Thank you Ralph,

    that are my suggestions too, a shortline!
    I like passenger AND fright service.
    Also I want to "play" with my train and I want to create realistic traffic. So with my plan I must ride my train all at the same tracks.
    The shortline can connect the small town at the left side with the bigger one at the right. The other trains must roll at the same tracks without the Right to transport the frights from one town to the other. In the yard there is then an interchange with all companys.
    Is this a realistic operation?

  4. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Welcome to the Gauge JOJOLINO . I think your ideas about operation are on the "right track" :D , pun intended! As far as the track plan goes it looks fine other then I don't care for duckunders, but if you don't mind it then go for it!

    JOJOLINO New Member

    Hi Tyson,

    oh no duckunder are not my "thing".
    My first plans are all with duckunder or movable bridges but that are all not that what I want.
    Visitors (and I too) must creep over the floor :D

    Two "profis" and no criticism???
    I can't believe it......but also I'm happy :) :) :)

    There are areas on my plan I wrote "unknown".
    At the moment I have no ideas what I should build there.. :confused:
    Any suggestions about that?

    I like this forum, only nice people who are very helpfully!!! :)

    One thing I forgot it's in H0!
  6. grumbeast

    grumbeast Member

    That looks like quite a lot of fun to me JOJOLINO,
    oh and welcome to the gauge too! :)

    I guess the only thing , do you intend to use the yard
    to the left for visible staging?, It would be useful for that.

    As for having your own shortline, its really a matter of
    preference. Thats what I use (around the same time
    period as you too) but I haven't got up the courage
    to re-paint these expensive locomotives yet!! :)
    So I generally run CN and CP trains.

    I guess thats the question.. how happy are you re-painting

    good luck!

  7. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    That is HUGE, Jojo! Send a train off on that and it'll be gone for an hour!!:D :D
  8. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hello Jojo, and welcome to the gauge, the trackplan looks quite good with plenty of long running and switching idea's. Looks like a long term venture. Good luck with it.

    Shamus [​IMG]
  9. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Jojo, very interesting layout. Something for everyone in the operating department. If you decide to have your own short line, remember here in the US of A, our freight cars come from all over the continent. That would reduce your painting to a few cars and your locomotives. The nice thing about using a short line theme is you can do whatever you like. Also consider having the railroad half owned by UP and half owned by the Santa Fe. Then whichever engine you are using the justification can be it's assigned to the short line from one of the owners. There are plenty of examples of that through out the US. UP and Santa Fe had interesting fleets of power in that time frame. When you get some trains running, share some pictures of them.

    Greg Elems

    JOJOLINO New Member

    Thanks a lot for your comments! :)


    I like the idea of my invisible yard. So there is the illusion the trains run out of the frontier of my layout. That brings more realism to my. I can cross two trains (UP streamliner goes and minutes later a A.T.S.F. fright rolls into the frightyard, both from the same tunnel) :D

    Painting is the next step I will first step into this..
    For this "adventure" I will buy a used locomotive.. ;)
    For me a very nice scheme is the color scheme of the Buckeye RR in the last GMR issue (Page 41), I LOVE it
    I consider if I could steal this :D

    AH and my favorit layout is the MoPac Arkansas Division (MR June 2000, Page 56)

    @Greg Elems
    Yes I also like the fleets at this time
    Old time Diesels and newer one (GP30) thats what I like!

    My rolling stock:

    2 E8 A Units (modified Rivarossi "American Orient Express" with Proto 2000 frame and mechanism)
    1 PA-1 A and B UP
    2 GP9 UP
    1 GP7 A.T.S.F.
    1 SW 9 A.T.S.F.

    and for sale 1 Spectrum 4-8-2 Mountain (UP) and a LL Heritage 2-8-8-2 Mallet (A.T.S.F. a great locomotive but out of time)

    @shamus and Woodie thanks for your comments.

    I will make little changes at my planned Layout and then post it again here.
    I like The Gauge!


    JOJOLINO New Member

    New plan

    Hello again,

    here are my latest plan, with little changes and the last segment, my Engine Terminal.
    Is it possible to use a Roundhouse in an 1964 only Diesel Layout :confused:

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  12. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    I think the roundhouse is appropriate. You'll be needing the turntable to set those E8s and the PA in the right direction. Why wouldn't the railroad take advantage of the already existing structure to house the diesels before and after runs? Seems reasonable! :)
  13. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Canadian National had a roundhouse in Toronto in the 70s and,I think, into the 80s. It was removed to put in a football stadium. :mad: :mad:
    I remember seeing one Amtrak diesel fallen into the pit.
    They also had a reverse loop around the roundhouse and the coach yard for turning entire trains.

    JOJOLINO New Member


    it seems my plan will work..
    A reverse loop around the roundhouse is a nice idea, but I have not enought space available (at the moment.. :D )

    OK, now I will begin to build this Layout. :)
  15. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    You only need to turn passenger cars that have definite front and back ends -- observation cars, combines, vistadomes. Most of the rest have reversible seats. And there were places where they were turned on the turntable.

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